15 Funny Photos Of What 5 Minutes Of Silence Looks Like In A House Where There Is A Baby

Every parent of a toddler of younger kindergarten age knows that the most terrible sound in the house, which causes anxiety, fear, and even panic at the same time, is silence. Especially if the child is playing alone in the nursery, bathroom, or kitchen.

Jokes aside, it seems that many moms and dads have really begun to twitch their eyes now, because every family is going through a similar situation, only with different losses and losses. After five minutes of calm, someone had to buy a new laptop, someone had to re-paste the wall paper, and someone in general had to start repairs. And now you will see that we are not exaggerating.

Well, what can I say? It seems that now we know what a miracle looks like in feathers.

Oh, this is not an easy job to entertain yourself.

I just didn’t want to boil semolina!

This dad will be delighted, and he will ride us all day!

Maybe you could start buying me safer toys?

You adults are just so boring!

And we bet that mom does not recognize us?

Ouch! Why did you come home so early?

All right, these yogurts are so delicious!

Is it true that I am my mother’s real hostess?

Tuzik, but your food is tastier than my porridge!

I don’t get it, where are all the chickens?

I want to be an adult and beautiful like my dad and grandfather!

And what? Mom does it too.

Parents, we have already played enough at home. Can we take a walk?

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