A Kind Man Welcomes a Cat into His Home and Discovers She Has a Lone Kitten in Need of Extra Care

A stray cat came across a kind man who opened his home to her. She had a single kitten that needed extra help.

Poppy and OliverTheOddCatSanctuary

Last week, a mother cat, Poppy, arrived at the Odd Cat Sanctuary with her little black-and-white kitten, Oliver, who needed extra care and attention.

Poppy was originally spotted as a pregnant stray, wandering the streets and scrounging for food and shelter. One day, she came across a kind-hearted older gentleman who couldn’t stand seeing her hungry and left to fend for herself.

He opened his home to her so she could have a safe place to stay.

She was found as a stray and gave birth to a single kitten at a kind man’s homeTheOddCatSanctuary

Poppy gave birth to a single kitten in the comfort of a home, with the gentleman offering her food and care. When baby Oliver opened his eyes and began moving around, he struggled to stand on his hind paws.

“Oliver has a condition where his back legs splay out to the sides, and he can’t walk normally,” the sanctuary shared with Love Meow.

Oliver was born with Swimmers SyndromeTheOddCatSanctuary

He was born with Swimmers Syndrome, which causes the back limbs to splay laterally. “He needs physical therapy exercises and little braces (made with medical tape) to help his legs grow into the correct position.”

“The older man loved them, but a special-needs baby was beyond his capabilities. So he reached out to us for help.”


The sanctuary immediately arranged for a home with an experienced foster carer for the mother and son duo. “Poppy was a little apprehensive at first, but with her foster mom’s patience and love, she’s blossoming into the sweetest mama.”

With 24/7 food service and a big, cozy bed to nestle in, Poppy has grown very fond of her people.

Oliver has always been very cuddly and sweetTheOddCatSanctuary

She watches as her foster mom helps strengthen Oliver’s legs, guides him to walk, and showers him with cuddles and kisses.

Through daily exercises and taping, Oliver has shown remarkable progress in a short period.

He wears tiny braces to help his legs grow into the correct positionTheOddCatSanctuary

Although he is tiny, he gives his all in every exercise, soaking up the love and attention from both Poppy and his foster mom. “Baby Oliver has always been snuggly and sweet.”

Poppy seems relieved, knowing her kitten is in good hands. She is spending more time doing what she loves.

Just shy of being one year old and still a kitten herself, Poppy craves attention, always wanting to be the center of it, and is excited about new adventures as an indoor cat.

“She is taking great care of Oliver, but she’s ready to stop being a mama when he’s old enough to find his own home.”

Oliver is getting bigger and stronger each dayTheOddCatSanctuary

Oliver is thriving with the attentive care and endless affection from Poppy and his foster family. He uses his newfound energy to venture out of his nest and seek attention from his people whenever they enter the room.

Thanks to the kindness and compassion of the older gentleman and rescue volunteers, Poppy and Oliver will never have to worry about food and shelter again.


Poppy delights in being pampered with all the indoor luxuries, while Oliver grows bigger and stronger each day, charming every person he meets.


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