“A resilient cat, once forgotten, showers affection upon those who grant his heartfelt wishes.”

A forgotten cat with a forgiving heart showered people with affection when he received what he had longed for.


An orange-cream cat was cast out of his home and left to fend for himself on a busy street, where his future became uncertain.

Despite being neglected and unwanted, this forgiving feline continued to show affection, clinging to the hope that a kind passerby would one day stop and offer him the love he had always longed for.

Rebekkah, a volunteer rescuer for Little Wanderers NYC, was feeding street cats when she noticed a friendly stray trotting up to her. He was skin and bones and looked as if he hadn’t eaten in days.

He was hungry for food and affectionRebekkah

Life on the streets had been tough for Dreamsicle, the cat. Despite being severely neglected and often bullied and chased away from his food by the neighborhood tomcats, he remained sweet and gentle, content with a simple meal and a few chin scritches.

Realizing that Dreamsicle didn’t belong on the streets, Rebekkah’s parents offered to take him until a long-term foster family came along.

He walked up to his rescuer for attention and petsRebekkah

Dreamsicle was exhausted from the constant hunger, harsh elements, and the daily struggles he had to endure. “He was limp when I picked him up from the street,” Rebekkah told Love Meow.

The moment he stepped into the house, he seemed to come alive, exploring his new surroundings with renewed energy and curiosity.

Dreamsicle was an instant love bugRebekkah

“He knew he was safe once he heard the sound of a can of cat food opening. He snarfed it down, had a can or two more, and napped for almost a full day.”

Before long, Dreamsicle blossomed into a true social butterfly. He eagerly greeted new people with his charming good looks and lovable meows, always craving attention and affection.

He adores every person he meetsRebekkah

“He is a chatterbox and a love bug. He wants to be pet and cuddled, and he loves to investigate new spaces. He likes to show off his tummy (we are working on making it fatter).”

Gail, a foster volunteer, opened her home to Dreamsicle, excited to spoil him with all the comforts and luxuries that come with being a pampered indoor cat.


Dreamsicle quickly discovered the joy of playing with toys, pouncing and chasing after them with boundless energy. He also learned to enjoy long naps, lounging on a chair and basking in the warm sunlight without a care in the world.

“He loves people and wants to be with you all the time. He doesn’t know a stranger,” Gail shared with Love Meow.

He’s learned to enjoy long naps and lounging by the windowRebekkah

Dreamsicle adores both humans and other cats, always wanting to join in the fun and snuggle up in bed with them. He rolls on the floor, revealing his belly in a playful attempt to win over his feline friends.

“Every person who has met him has been so impressed by his resilience and joy in spite of his past,” Nora of Little Wanderers NYC told Love Meow.

Recently, Dreamsicle has figured out the game of fetch, eagerly bringing his toy back to his foster mom for another toss. This sweet boy never ceases to amaze his people with his endearing qualities.


With an act of kindness, Dreamsicle’s life has been completely transformed.

He’s finally living the indoor life he was always meant for and is now ready to find a forever home where he will be surrounded by love and comfort.


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