A Stray Cat Climbs Through a Window and Decides to Move In, Revealing Himself to Be the Sweetest Companion

A stray cat climbed up a window and decided it was time to move into a house. He turned out to be the sweetest companion.

sweet lap cat snuggly


Clare, a foster volunteer for Saving Stevie (a cat rescue), has been helping community cats in her area. A few years ago, she noticed a new face on her front steps.

A very skittish orange-and-white cat wandered onto her property in search of food. Though he was wary of people, his hunger kept bringing him back. For a while, he kept his distance and always ran away whenever Clare tried to get close.

Clare never ceased working to gain his trust. Unknowingly, she named him Phoebe, thinking the cat was a girl, and the name stuck.

He showed up on Clare’s front steps a few years agoClare

Each day, Phoebe became a bit more comfortable around Clare. As his confidence grew, the distance between them shortened. “I could tell he was interested in me but too scared to let me pet him,” Clare shared with Love Meow.

“I kept feeding him, and eventually, he would let me pet him a little bit, mostly while he was distracted by eating.”


One day, Clare heard meowing at the door and saw Phoebe peeking through the windows, announcing his arrival. Soon, he started climbing up the window screens to get her attention.

After two years of building trust and motivated by his growing fondness for Clare’s cat, Archer, Phoebe finally decided to be an indoor cat.

He decided it was time to be an indoor catClare

With the support of Saving Stevie, Clare welcomed Phoebe in and prepared a quiet room for him to adjust. After exploring around and rubbing his face all over the place, he walked up to Clare and purr-meowed loudly for attention.

In less than two weeks of being indoors, Phoebe came out of his shell and blossomed into quite the love bug.


“He is the sweetest, cuddliest cat I have ever had. He is the definition of a Velcro kitty. I work from home, and he’d sit in my lap, stare at my face, or give me head butts all day if he could.”

“He just loves to cuddle and lay on your chest, but sometimes, he gets in a playful mood and will chase a ball around or toss around a toy.”

He became quite the cuddle bugClare

Phoebe took a leap of faith that day to leave the street life behind and never looked back. He was enthralled by everything his foster family did, demanding their constant attention and basking in their love.

He would sit in Clare’s lap while she worked, attending her meetings, offering assistance, and being the supervisor she never knew she needed.

Phoebe the office supervisorClare

Phoebe thrives as the center of attention and is sweet towards other friendly cats.

He craves human affection, often draping his body over their chest or wrapping his paws around them, making up for all those years outside.

He likes to lie on his human’s chestClare

Yesterday, after many months in foster care, Phoebe finally had his dream come true. He found the perfect forever home where he would live like a king.

Phoebe and ClareClare

After a few hours of settling in, he approached his new mom for pets and began following her around the house. Their bond quickly deepened.

“He snuggled and flopped right on her chest when she got in bed for the night.”

“This has been by far the hardest and happiest goodbye of my time fostering. He is going to give his new mama so many laughs, smiles, and happy memories.”

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