Abandoned and Overlooked, Senior Cat Earl Finds a New Lease on Life at Special Needs Sanctuary

Rescuers from Milo’s Sanctuary specialize in assisting the cats that need some extra help, including senior cats like Earl. The cats they focus on often don’t make it in shelters, but they believe “all cats deserve a second chance at life.”

After a busy kitten season, they took in Earl and many other special needs cats over the summer.

Warning: Images may be disturbing.

They suspect someone dumped the 10-year-old Earl on the streets near Burbank, California because he’s such a sweet, friendly cat. However, he wasn’t neutered and is FIV+.

Alone in the street, Earl got hit by a car which caused major trauma to his head and broke his jaw in two places. The senior kitty also had an abscess under his left eye and a “major hematoma.” As a result, the cat would need extensive treatment and surgeries, requiring expensive veterinary care.

Since his injuries were so extensive, he was just hours from being euthanized, but Milo’s took him in and gave him the chance he needed. Earl was just one of many injured cats the rescuers were caring for, in addition to a colony of feral cats saved from the direst of situations.

To care for Earl and all the others, Milo’s needed to raise over $10K, and they exceeded their goal thanks to wonderful, caring people. 

Now Earl is Wanted and Loved

Afterward reaching their goal, Earl thanked everyone on the sanctuary’s Facebook page. What they wrote is so touching.

“Howdy out there! This is Earl, and I’m popping by to introduce myself and say ‘thank ya kindly’ for all your donations, love and prayers. I had given up hope and was in so much pain. Just an old beat-up cat no one wanted, and now I’m on my road to recovery and feel wanted and loved. I have all of you to thank for that,” the shelter wrote.

Earl the senior kitty hit by a car in Burbank, California

Images, media via Facebook/Milo’s Sanctuary & Special Needs Cat Rescue, Inc.

By then, Earl had his first surgery, and through it all, he remained a purring lovebug. So often, cats that suffer the most horrible abuse and injury can be so inspirational as they show so much love and trust despite it all.

“He’s a great guy and has had his first of a few surgeries. He is taking it all like a champ and purring his way into all the veterinarian’s and staff’s hearts,” they wrote.

special needs cat hit by a car goes to rescue at Milo's Sanctuary

How Earl looked before the surgery

Truly Magical Earl 

In a video update, Earl is doing great and such a sweetie. He’s so sweet and loving that they consider him “truly magical.”

“He’s doing great and is the sweetest boy! He’s truly magical, and we are so honored to have him in our lives,” they said. 

Senior rescued cat

Senior special needs kitties like Earl are stars at this wonderful nonprofit and get all the attention. And people truly love seeing them bounce back and get the spotlight they deserve. It’s a good reminder that there are still lots of loving and caring people out there, despite what we often see in the news.

Frankie, the ‘Total Package’

For another example, 8-year-old Frankie arrived last August after someone noticed him walking the street with a badly infected eye. Like Earl, he’s FIV+ and was seriously injured, missing teeth, an eye, and had badly crumpled ears. Frankie is a favorite and loves all the attention he receives at Milo’s.

“As you can see in his picture, Frankie is a total character! This shy boy warms up to people and turns on the charm! A favorite with staff and volunteers, his shy smile, shaggy fur, and loud purrs make Frankie the total package!”

Frankie the special needs cat saved by rescuers at Milo's

It’s hearwarming to see these cats find so much love after enduring so much suffering. For more, you can follow Milo’s Sanctuary & Special Needs Cat Rescue, Inc. on TikTokFacebook, and Instagram.

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