Four best friends win the internet with their fun maternity photo shoot

“Preggos just wanna have fun!”

Imagine being pregnant at the same time as your best friends! What could be more exciting?

From chatting and comparing notes on all the niggles of pregnancy you are experiencing, to having hang-out buddies for fun pregnancy activities, including taking group bump photos; the perks are numerous.These four best friends who found themselves in the same situation, have just released the most adorable group maternity photoshoot on Instagram. What’s even more fascinating is that they are all expecting baby boys.As a result, the moms-to-be went for a ball-game themed photoshoot in which they all had matching blue scarves and all sorts of balls. Getting their sons ready for the NBA playoffs maybe?

They also dressed up as craftswomen in matching workwear, but with different tools. This is so apt because motherhood is indeed a craft which is different for every woman.

See photos of the fun maternity photo shoot below:




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