Rescued Bunny and Adopted Cat Become Best Friends for Life

Nothing compares to the bond 5-year-old rescue bunny named Echo and a 12-week-old cat named Ahsoka shared. These best buddies love to spend their time at home cuddling each other. The cat may have other feline siblings, but she prefers the company of her best friend, Echo the bunny.

“We thought having siblings would be great for Ahsoka, and they’d be together, and it would all be grand,” Ryanne Palermo, Echo and Ahsoka’s mom, said of the best buddies. “But she chose the bunny over her own littermates and bonded to Echo instead.”

“Echo ruled the house,” Palermo said. “All other animals feared him — except for Ahsoka, who just loved him. He was the king, and she was his queen. All Echo wanted to do was snuggle with my husband and me and Ahsoka. It’s Echo’s world, and we just live in it.”

Palermo rescued Echo the bunny from The Animal Foundation. He always protected Ahsoka from all other animals in Palermo’s home, and the two best buddies were inseparable. They would watch TV with their Mom and always cuddled when they are together.

In July, Echo sadly passed away. Although she was alone, Ahsoka still sleeps in the bed they shared, keeping their memories together very much alive in her heart.

“They were always snuggling and sleeping together,” Palermo said. “She enjoyed playing with his ears, too. She was always gentle, and he seemed to love it. They brought so much joy to our lives. Seeing them together and so bonded always just made us so happy and made our hearts full.”

As of late, Palermo has not decided to adopt another bunny. When the time comes, “Queen” Ahsoka will treat him the way “King” Echo treated her and will show him all of what she has learned from her best buddy. Who knows, they may come with many cuddles, too.

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