“The Rock” Dwayne Johnson: The Muscular Man Famous for His Charisma, Devoted Husband, Doting Fathe

Different from his muscular appearance, "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson is a warm-hearted man when he's with the women he loves. Their 14-year-long relationship and his doting on his daughter have earned him admiration from the public.

Dwayne Johnson, born in 1972 in Hayward, California, USA, has had a wrestling lineage running through his family since birth. His father is Rocky “Soul Man” Johnson, the first-ever African American WWE World Tag Team Champion, and his grandfather is Peter Maivia, the first Samoan professional wrestler.

However, the first sport that Dwayne Johnson pursued was football, and he quickly became a star in this field while still in high school. He played in 39 games for the University of Miami and helped the team achieve a national championship in 1991.

If it weren’t for serious injuries to his shoulder and back, Dwayne Johnson might have continued his football career in the NFL. Instead, he ended his football journey in the Canadian Football League and decided to follow the wrestling tradition of his family.

From a renowned wrestler to a leading Hollywood star

Dwayne Johnson showcased his strength in the ring by winning the WWE Heavyweight Championship six times and the World Tag Team Championship five times. His fame as a wrestler caught the attention of directors and producers in Hollywood.

The Rock Dwayne Johnson: Người hùng cơ bắp si tình, chiều vợ, cưng con - 1“The Rock” Dwayne Johnson has won the heavyweight championship of WWE and the World Tag Team Championship.

Actor of the 7X generation made his debut in the film industry with his first role in “The Mummy Returns” in 2001. Following that, he appeared in another Hollywood blockbuster called “The Scorpion King” and received a paycheck of up to 5.5 million USD.

Rolling Stone magazine commented on him, saying, “The Rock has a finesse for action and comedy genres. He is a true movie star.”

After years of finding his place in Hollywood, Dwayne Johnson is now regarded as one of the most admirable A-list celebrities in the world. His reputation has been solidified with films such as the “Fast & Furious” series, “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,” and “Jumanji: The Next Level.”

The Rock Dwayne Johnson: Người hùng cơ bắp si tình, chiều vợ, cưng con - 2

In 2021, it was a successful year for The Rock as the American actor starred in two notable films, Jungle Cruise and Red Notice.

According to CNN, Red Notice achieved over 328.8 million hours of views, surpassing the previous record set by Bird Box in 2018. The Rock topped the list of the highest-paid stars in the world in 2021, thanks to a salary of $42 million from both Jungle Cruise and Red Notice.

In 2018 and 2019, he also topped the Forbes list of the highest-paid male actors in the world. His film earnings for those years were $89.4 million and $87.5 million, respectively.

The Rock Dwayne Johnson: Người hùng cơ bắp si tình, chiều vợ, cưng con - 3

Warm and Kindhearted Young Man

The 49-year-old actor shared that he had been shunned by friends and even some teachers in the past because of his “imposing” and muscular appearance. “When I started attending a new school, people saw me as some kind of epidemic. They even avoided me, mistaking this tall guy for an undercover cop,” confessed the muscular hero.

Dwayne Johnson has also spoken about the difficult past of his family. The famous star’s family had financial troubles to the extent that they were evicted from their homes and had their cars repossessed multiple times. However, now Dwayne has become the highest-paid actor in the world and always strives to make up for his parents.

The renowned movie superstar has shared stories of his impoverished past: “We used to live in small apartments all over the country. We lived like nomads, moving from one state to another.

The first home my parents ever owned was a house I bought for them in 1999. About five years later, they got divorced, and many complicated things happened.”

The Rock Dwayne Johnson: Người hùng cơ bắp si tình, chiều vợ, cưng con - 4

Since then, I have always wanted to provide my parents with everything they need. The gifts I give them later are all quite special, and this moment is also incredibly meaningful.

I always believe that with a good mother, you will be educated to become a kind person. And I have been very fortunate to turn things like this into reality.”

When Dwayne Johnson was 14 years old, his family was deported from Hawaii and went through a tough time. In a speech at an awards ceremony in 2018, the actor recounted that he once stole steaks from a grocery store just because he didn’t have money to buy them.

The popular artist also admitted that at the age of 15, he witnessed his mother’s attempt to find death out of despair. However, in the end, she chose to continue living and made efforts to escape from the harsh fate. The strength of his mother helped The Rock learn how not to give up in the face of life’s difficulties.

The warm and gentle man with his small family

In addition to his illustrious career, Dwayne Johnson’s personal life has also garnered attention from fans. He has experienced a failed marriage with his first wife, Dany Garcia, and they have a daughter together.

The Rock Dwayne Johnson: Người hùng cơ bắp si tình, chiều vợ, cưng con - 5

Dany Garcia is a companion of The Rock in his fitness journey. She creates menus, provides workout routines, and manages tasks for the actor when he first stepped into his acting career. However, after 11 years together, Dwayne and Dany divorced due to differences in lifestyle.

Currently, The Rock leads a fulfilling life with his wife, Lauren Hashian, and their two beautiful daughters. After being together for 10 years, they had a simple and cozy wedding in their hometown of Hawaii in 2019.

As a billion-dollar star and a muscular, powerful hero on the screen, The Rock is humble and warm like any other father in real life. He spends time playing with his children, taking care of his small family, and enjoying laughter-filled trips with his loved ones.

The Rock Dwayne Johnson: Người hùng cơ bắp si tình, chiều vợ, cưng con - 8

The person who played a significant role in shedding his muscular image and tough exterior is his current wife, singer Lauren Hashian. She was born in 1984 and is the daughter of the former drummer of the rock band Boston.

Lauren met The Rock in 2006 while he was filming the movie “The Game Plan.” At that time, The Rock was still living with his first wife, Dany Garcia. After The Rock divorced his first wife, he and Lauren began dating.

In an interview in 2012, The Rock shared that he felt fortunate to have found love again. He said, “I’m lucky to be in love again. In my case, love is something that was hard to do twice.”

Lauren helps The Rock feel comfortable and happy after long hours of work. In December 2015, they welcomed their first daughter, Jasmine. And over 2 years later, the couple welcomed their second daughter, Tiana. The names of their children are all named after princesses from fairy tales.

The media and fans have been astonished many times by the image of a muscular man kneeling down to help his wife eat, taking care of her attentively throughout her pregnancy, or the image of a gentle and massive father tenderly holding his little child in his arms, which has touched people’s hearts.

The Rock was present for both of his wife’s deliveries. His love and appreciation for his wife are the weapons that have made their marriage strong and enduring over the years.

The Rock Dwayne Johnson: Người hùng cơ bắp si tình, chiều vợ, cưng con - 9

Former wrestler proudly talks about his love for his wife: “She always teases me, teases me about anything. There are no limits in our home. That’s the beauty of it. And I tease her back all the time.”

Lauren Hashian is also willing to set aside her singing passion to fulfill her role as a supportive wife and mother, becoming a solid foundation for her husband to focus on his career.

In 2021, the 49-year-old actor revealed to the media that he and his family contracted Covid-19 and had to isolate at home for two weeks. Spending too much time at home made the couple easily lose their calm and engage in arguments.

However, the famous actor has a way to reconcile with his wife. He tightly holds her hand, looks into her eyes, and says, “Darling, you’re not wrong… you just haven’t gotten used to being right yet.” This compliment from The Rock helps dissipate the tension and brings both of them back to a happy and peaceful state.


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