Meet Bruno, A One-Eared Pitbull Who Went Viral After His Caretakers Discovered He Had Pulled Out The Same Ear From His Plush Toy

Last month, the heartwarming story of Bruno, a one-eared Pitbull under the care of the SPCA, went viral after his caretakers discovered he had pulled out the same ear he was missing from his plush toy. People were moved by the story and began sharing posts published by the SPCA to help this lovable dog in need.

Bruno is a dog who has faced more than his fair share of adversity. He used to live chained up outside, unable to escape from the elements or danger. One day, he was attacked by another dog, resulting in the loss of one of his ears. Despite all of this, Bruno has a heart of gold, and his resilience and loving nature have won the hearts of many.

Meet Bruno, a dog who overcame a tough start to life and whose story went viral across the internet

Before being rescued by SPCA, Bruno used to be chained up outside, enduring extreme temperatures and unable to escape harm

Eventually, he got attacked by another dog, resulting in the loss of one of his ears

One day, his SPCA caretakers discovered Bruno’s stuffed toy was missing the exact same ear as him

They quickly realized that it was Bruno who tore one of those plush ears off himself

Despite his harsh past, Bruno is a kind and loving dog, with a big heart and forgiving soul

The SPCA reported that Bruno loves other dogs and every person he meets, and he is well-behaved, cuddly, and very smart

In a heartwarming twist of fate, Bruno has since found his forever home and new family

Of course, Bruno’s favorite stuffed toy moved in with him to his new home

Despite his tough past, Bruno’s story is one of resilience, love, and hope

It serves as a reminder that even dogs who have endured difficult situations can find happiness and love in their forever homes

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