BLACKPINK’s Lisa Couldn’t Believe The Difference Between Their 2019 Versus 2023 Coachella Stages

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa recently sat down for an interview with Harper’s BAZAAR Korea where she discussed the group’s historic feat as the showrunners of Coachella 2023.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Here she was asked to name the “most unforgettable moment” at this historic festival. It was a difficult question to answer considering everything that happened.

The most unforgettable moment? That’s tough.

— Lisa

One moment, however, stood out to Lisa. She started by explaining the group’s more humble beginnings as a guest performer in 2019. They were assigned to a smaller tent and not the main stage which was reserved for the biggest acts of the night.

When we first performed at Coachella, we did it at a smaller stage. It was called the ‘Sahara’ stage. There’s a dome at the top so when performing you can see how far it is from the stage to the end of the arena.

— Lisa

BLACKPINK in 2019 | Coachella

This all changed four years later, with BLACKPINK becoming the headliner of the April 15 and April 22 shows.

Even the hours leading up to this Coachella run this year did not prepare them for the extent of their popularity. BLACKPINK’s view during rehearsals was just an empty field which meant that they could not visualize the gravity of being on the main stage.

But now that we’ve performed at the main stage, you can’t see where it ends. When we did rehearsals, there were no audiences. So I couldn’t imagine what the actual performance would be like. The moment I stepped on stage, I saw how many people there were.

— Lisa

BLACKPINK in 2023 | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Once the show officially started, it hit Lisa just how far she’s come. She said she felt an “overwhelming feeling” come through her when she saw the thousands of BLINKs cheering for them.

The moment I stepped on stage, I saw how many people there were. After seeing the crowd, I couldn’t believe that I got to experience this overwhelming feeling.

— Lisa


Though BLACKPINK is used to performing in front of sold out venues, their recent Coachella experience was special as they could directly compare their popularity in 2019 versus in 2023.

BLACKPINK’s Coachella stage in 2019 (left) and in 2023 (right)

Lisa ended with an overjoyed expression, “It was really an unforgettable moment.”


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