Netizens Express Concern For BLACKPINK Jennie’s Facial Scar

Get well soon, Jennie!

BLACKPINK’s Jennie was injured a few months ago, leaving a mark under her eye. She sustained the injury while exercising, causing her to appear in public with a bandaid across her face.

True to her superstar power, the bandaid soon became a trend as well and many began copying her on social media. Even so, as she moves towards recovery, the injury has left a small scar. The scar was visible during a recent appearance at Chanel’s fashion show and event in Tokyo on June 1, 2023.

She was decked out in a luxurious cape with an intricately beaded headgear.

It isn’t obvious from far thanks to protective patches and makeup.

She still rocked the photo wall despite her scar.

What worried fans, even more, was her shoulder injury. When the photo wall host urged Jennie to wave at the fans and photographers, she sheepishly smiled as she explained that she was unable to. Manager Alison was also quick to tell the host that Jennie was injured.


Netizens expressed their deep concern for the star.

  • Did she get hurt under her eye? Aigoo…
  • Aigoo… At least she didn’t hurt her eye. Hope the scar disappears quickly.
  • Gasp, so it did leave a scar… It’s right under her eye so it’s a relief she didn’t hurt her actual eye.
  • If it was a little higher, things would’ve been bad.
  • Gasp… Still? Guess it was more serious than I thought. What a relief it’s not her eye.
  • Gasp… Did the scar form as the skin rose up?

Nevertheless, fans need not fret. Jennie is taking extremely good care of her scar. In a “what’s-in-my-bag” video with Vogue, she revealed that she constantly carries around protective patches for the injury. Get well soon Jennie!

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