‘People are gobsmacked by my giant baby – he wears clothes for three-year-olds’

A mother said that people are always shocked when they see how large her baby is, as even though he is only 11-months-old he is already wearing clothes fit for a child two years older

A mum said that strangers are always shocked when they learn how big her baby boy is – as he’s already wearing clothes that are made for toddlers. Alexa Priego, 31, gave birth to baby Kason 11 months ago, but people always assume he is older because of his impressive size.

Her youngest son was born at a normal weight of 7lb 14oz but, after two months of breastfeeding, he became huge – and just kept growing. Alexa, a mum-of-three from Manhattan, New York, said that her son is already wearing clothes made for a three-year-old and that people often stop her in the street because they’re stunned by his size.

Alexa Priego and baby Kason  Alexa Priego and baby Kason

.         Baby Kason’s size often fools people                Alexa joked she just ‘makes big babies’

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Alexa, a hospital worker, said: “He is the heaviest baby in the whole world.

“He’s very tall and very chunky – doctors said he is in the 99th percentile for weight and height.

“When people see him they ask his age, and they are shocked when I say 11 months because they expect him to be older.

Baby Kason

Baby Kason has to wear clothes made for a three-year-old

“People are so amazed by it – but when my daughter was born, she was exactly the same. “I guess I just make big babies!”

Alexa, also mum to Owen, 10, and Gracie, four, said doctors explained that she overproduces milk which could contribute to Kason’s huge size. After being breastfed for several months, he was moved onto formula and recently Alexa has been doing baby-led weaning.

Baby Kason

Baby Kason is in the 99th percentile for his height and weight 

But despite what people might think, she says Kason is a totally healthy baby.

She said: “He is the easiest baby to look after – he’s so easygoing and always smiles at people.

“He crawls and can walk when he holds onto the side of the couch and tries to stand on everything.

“He is a very active boy. He crawls really fast too – he’s very speedy for a big boy!”

Alexa said people just can’t get their heads round his size.

She has friends whose two-year-olds weigh the same as Kason. People even stop her in the street to question his age – and their jaws drop when they learn he isn’t even one yet. She said: “They expect him to be much older. Their reactions amaze me sometimes – I’m like, ‘is he really that big?!’ I guess I just make big babies!”

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