12 Cat Pictures Taken At The Perfect Moment

If you like to follow your cat around  with camera in hand you are onto something. Cats do a lot of weird things on a regular basis and if you follow your cat around long enough you will eventually score some seriously epic cat photos.

Cats may pretend they don’t like it, but they secretly covet all forms of attention. Regardless, it’s not like cats perform on command, meaning you’ve got to be as sneaky and fast as a feline to capture them in full force. We suggest you to continue following your cat around  in order to capture that perfect picture… judging by these 12  photos it is so worth it!

1. Noooo.. my food, i can still save it !


2. Meet The World’s Longest Kitty

Photo Credit: Osnat Perelshtein

3. Good Morning Neighbors !

Photo Credit: jonster

4. Kitty Ready For The Race

5. The New Mr. Meow Mix

6. I Mustache You A Question … Why Are Cats So Freakin Cute?!

7. My Role Model

8. Stare into abyss human

9. New type of cat hybrid

10. A Real Life Cat Lady

11. I Heart You

12. This is one looooooooooooong kitty

Story Credit : EarthPorm

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