After Losing Her Babies She Does The Bravest Thing Possible!

Mikey, an incredible mother cat, unfortunately, experienced the loss of all three of her kittens.

After the eight-month-old rescue cat went through a period of depression, her caregiver Hillary reached out to Dori’s Darlings, a cat rescue organization in Houston, for assistance.

Simultaneously, foster mom Amanda had recently received three newborn kittens with their umbilical cords still attached. Amanda, along with another volunteer named Kelli, dedicated themselves to round-the-clock feeding and care for these little ones. Upon hearing about Mikey’s situation, they offered to introduce the kittens to the grieving mother cat.

Approaching Mikey, Amanda gently placed the kittens in front of her, and to everyone’s delight, Mikey immediately began embracing and grooming them as if they were her own.

After a thorough bath, Mikey lovingly settled down on her side, allowing the kittens to nurse from their new mother. These abandoned kittens bear a striking resemblance to Mikey, making it a perfect match.

The fact that these kittens bear a resemblance to their adoptive mother is just one of the many reasons why they seem destined for each other. Amanda remarked, “This will be healing for her,” recognizing the difficult ordeal Mikey had gone through in losing her own babies.

Mikey’s adoration for her new kittens is evident as she cuddles, bathes, and falls asleep with them. She has now become a content and joyful mother cat, cherishing her three precious furry babies.

However, her happiness was restored when she was given three orphaned kittens who were in need of maternal affection.

Original story via Huffington Post)

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