21 Photos Prove That Ginger Cats Actually Are Real-Life Garfield

#1. Pure Ginger

#2. Mimi And Mini-Mimi


Do you agree with me that no matter what colors or shapes cats are, we always can’t help but be enchanted by their stunning appearance? And due to their impressive attraction, cats have nowadays become the inspiration for countless movies and media productions. At this point, we believe that you already have some cats’ names in your head. Is that Tom, the mischievous cat in “Tom & Jerry”? Or is that the Cherish Cat starring in “Alice in Wonderland”? Even if they might not be the cats we just named, we can all agree that they are lovely and unquestionably all standout figures from our youth.
Hence, to honor all the amazing cats on screen, we would like to introduce to you 30 appealing photos of Ginger cats, who would exactly resemble our best friend, Garfield. It is unnecessary to go into detail on the popularity of this lazy feline, who has officially marked Mondays as the most despised day of the week. Therefore, let’s meet our closest pals right now.


#3. My Fat, Formerly Homeless Ginger Cat, Mr Tickles


#4. I Have Their Undivided Attention When I Get The Treat Jar


#5. Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom



#6. I Don’t Know If You Knew, But Books Make For The Best Naps. Especially If Someone Is Using It



#7. This Is My Very Bad Cat, Star, Who I Adore And Would Die For


#8. Two Little Cats

#9. Floyd Relaxing Poolside


#10. I’m Out Of Ideas



#11. Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom



#12. She’s Awkward



#13. Mimi And Mini-Mimi



#14. I Got Up In The Middle Of The Night To Use The Bathroom. Watchdog Henry Was Not Pleased



#15. Bo, Helping Atticus Clean His Head



#16. I Can’t Have Coffee In Peace



#17. He Knows He’s Majestic



#18. Hello, I See You’re Working… Attention Now



#19. Just Got His License



#20. Just A Three Legged Beast With Her Baby



#21. Huggable Michu


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