20 Weird Cats That Make You Ask “What’s Wrong With Your Cat?”

#1. Wednesday is not good at pictures

#2. My friend found her cats like this in the morning

#3. Cat raising paw to gain attention

#4. Sometimes Winston invents brand new shapes

#5. Honestly – still freaks me out every time I see her stand or walk like this. Don’t get me started on waking up to her like this…

#6. He is an idiot. She is photobombing

#7. My cat likes to sleep in a perfectly straight line

#8. Dressing that cat was a bad idea

#9. Now it is our cone of shame

#10. Caught my cat yawning while tilting her head. Confirmed Eldritch horror

#11. So my cat just sits on the couch like this now

#12. Just when you thought it was safe to walk around barefoot…

#13. He stands like this when he thinks we aren’t looking…

#14. I wanted a cat, but I got whatever this is instead

#15. He actively chooses to lay like this

Weird Cats

#16. Searched the whole house for her, found this

Weird Cats

#17. Here is my special guy!!!

Weird Cats

#18. Yes, he’s sleeping

Weird Cats

#19. Does anyone else’s cat sit like this or are yours normal?

Weird Cats

#20. He’s just standing there… menacingly

Weird Cats

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