How BLACKPINK Wears Suits From Their Respective Luxury Brands Differently

Lisa’s style fits her image perfectly.

BLACKPINK never fails to make a mark with their fashion! Each of the girls are brand ambassadors of top luxury brands, wearing their clothing in ways that fit their individual styles best.

This was evident when they wore formal suits to various events. Check them out below!

1. Rosé – Old Money

First up, Rosé donned the most traditional looking suit. She dressed in a ruffled white blouse under a black blazer and paired this with wide leg pants.

Rosé  | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

She is the global brand ambassador of Saint Laurent which is known for their timeless pieces, having popularized women’s trousers for all sorts of occasions.


Rosé’s suit fashion screams “old money” in the classiest of ways.


2. Lisa – Empowering

Lisa, meanwhile, represents the luxury brand CELINE. Her personal style fits the brand’s tendency to use loose fitting garments for a laidback result.

Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

CELINE champions strong women through their less conventional pieces, and Lisa showed this best when she wore their pinstriped suit.


She looked effortless, cool, and empowered.


3. Jisoo – Feminine

In contrast, fellow member Jisoo had a graceful and sweet aura when wearing her Dior suit. She was dressed in a double breasted blazer and skirt combination in a classic navy blue color.

Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

The bow in her hair and soft makeup completed her lovely aesthetic.


Dior is a brand that is “unapologetically feminine,” perfectly fitting Jisoo’s angelic and sophisticated image.


4. Jennie – Chic

Last but certainly not the least, Jennie is known for being the “Human CHANEL.” She was their brand ambassador ever since she was a rookie K-Pop idol, modeling their elegant and luxurious clothes with confidence.


The suits that she wears are aligned with the brand’s “uncluttered style” which features well-fitting clothes with elegant, comfortable, and classy designs.

Thus, the BLACKPINK members wear their suits in different ways—Jisoo with a feminine aura, Lisa with an empowered look, Jennie in a chic manner, and Rosé with an old money aesthetic.

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