The ancient Anunnaki built all the pyramids, according to the 10th Sumerian Tablet

The Sumerian ancient texts describe an ancient race of extraterrestrial deities known as the Anunnaki who resided on Nibiru, a giant planet in our solar system that orbits around our sun in a 3,600-year-old ellipse.

The issue they frequently confront is that their upper atmosphere is virtually nonexistent, putting them in continual conflict with natural components from outer space, causing them to perish as a result.

To combat this, they needed to create their own artificial environment, which they achieved by smashing gold particles into the gap, temporarily protecting them.

But, because they didn’t have so much gold on their planet, they decided to go in quest of another system with this wealth.

Anu basically took over Nibiru at this point, dethroning Alalu.

To avoid being slain, he sailed into space in his spaceship and returned to Earth, reporting that this is a location rich in gold, and requested his throne back as a prize for saving the Anunnaki.

Instead, Alalu was granted control of the Earth, while Anu remained in command of Nibiru.

The eleventh Sumerian tablet describes how the pyramids were created as beacons for a new spaceport on Earth after the Great Flood destroyed all the others.

Nibiru’s approach to our planet triggered the Great Flood, which wiped out practically all life on Earth as we know it.

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