The identity of the “world’s blackest” boy has made netizens feverish these days

The identity of the “world’s blackest” boy has made netizens feverish these days

Despite possessing dark skin, the cuteness of the nearly 1-year-old boy has captured the hearts of the online community.

Photos of a baby said to be “the blackest in the world” have caused fever in social networks in recent days. However, the strange blackness of this baby is praised by many people for being too cute, even humorously adopted or adopted by another father.

Immediately, the identity of this super black boy was found out by everyone.

It turned out that those 4 photos came from a social network account of a young Australian mother – Juha Amubayiwa. She shares photos of her cute black son and how he brings joy to his mother.

Juha Amubayiwa wrote: ” My dear son, I hope you always believe that your skin is very beautiful, no matter what people around you say about you. I hope you never have to care about you. who laugh at your skin color. This world is not for anyone, your happiness may be lost at any time but I promise that I will always make your life happy.

I don’t believe this baby will be 1 year old in 1 month. By this time last year I was still pregnant, eating a lot, eating once every 10 minutes… It’s surprising because now I can see her smile, her teeth start to grow, she cry… children bring the greatest luck.”

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