Stoffel – The First Honey Badger Conceived And Born Completely In Captivity At The Moholoholo Animal Rehabilitation Center

The honey badger in the wild is a very warlike animal. They are one of the animals with a very high desire to live freely and absolutely do not give up even if it is a fight or confrontation with any opponent. But risking death so much, they will likely become extinct in the not too distant future.

All animals are facing a situation that is suffering from negative consequences from the environment due to many objective and subjective reasons. Therefore, it is increasingly common for them to have limited fertility or new born babies that do not live long.

Therefore, in order to serve the cause of research and conservation of wild animals, there will be wild individuals brought to the captive area to be more convenient for conservation and research. The returned individuals will also be arranged to live in a simulated environment with wild environment and necessary items.

When this honey badger was brought back, it was very rebellious. With its aggressive nature and love of freedom, it does not agree with life in captivity. But over time, it gradually accepted and integrated into that life. And now it has given birth to another child, adding a new member to the sanctuary’s captivity. The video has attracted nearly 150K views on Youtube:

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