“Was It A Bet?” BLACKPINK’s Rosé Is Going Viral After Being Embarrassed For The Most Unexpected Reason At The Airport

Jennie and Jisoo’s reaction was equally as iconic!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is going viral after the idol became embarrassed for the most unexpected reason at the airport when returning to Korea.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

The members of BLACKPINK have recently performed two shows in Hanoi in Vietnam and unsurprisingly shined in front of thousands of fans.


On July 31, Rosé arrived back in Korea along with Jennie and Jisoo. Yet, while Jennie and Jisoo were the first two to walk out of the doors…

Rosé immediately gained attention after she walked out with plushies on her jeans. Of course, they were cute, but it was even more adorable after BLINKs noticed they were the BLACKPINK character plushies.

Yet, if that sweet gesture wasn’t enough to go viral, Rosé looking shy and slightly embarrassed wasn’t because of her outfit (which she even shared her love for on Instagram)…

But the actions following her arrival seemingly showed why. Jisoo and Jennie kept their attention locked on their member as Rosé threw her jacket over her shoulder and started doing a very random dance, much to the excitement of the press.

With all eyes on her, Rosé did the dance before burying her head in her hands. As the crowds cheered, Jisoo and Jennie shared their own appreciation for what Rosé had just done by clapping.

Rosé then spent some time showing off her pants and even got Jisoo to help her show off her outfit.

After showing her pants off to everyone, the idol got shy again before eventually making her way to the car.





Even when the video was posted on TikTok…

Netizens couldn’t get over Rosé’s unexpected actions at the airport, with many joking that it had Lisa‘s name written all over it.

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