Camera Captures Quadruplet Babies Having Adorable Hug-Fest Before Bedtime

A happy mother and father watched their beautiful tiny quadruplet daughters playing together from the kitchen. Fortunately for us, they had the camera rolling so that the rest of the world could see what happened next.

The four toddlers surprised their parents with a heartfelt display of true love for one another. This is one of the most cheerful things you’ll see today.

The babies formed a giggling circle and exchanged hugs and excited squeals, constantly switching partners until everyone had been hugged twice by all of the other sisters!

Eileen Pearlman, a certified household and child therapist, frequently discusses her many birth siblings. She believes that there is a reason why sets of twins, triplets, and quadruplets have such a strong psychological bond.

She claims that the bond can be quite strong because it begins before birth. There was a need for collaboration on limited resources, such as sharing the same very small region, for such a long time in the mother’s womb. Because they had no other choice, they grew accustomed to getting along with one another from the start.

This coexistence continues after birth, with what can be a lifelong friendship bond. Take a look at this:

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