10+ Of BLACKPINK Jennie’s Outfits That Received Mixed Reactions From Critics

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is known for her edgy style and ability to rock any look. She was recently the target of criticism for a sexy look she wore during BLACKPINK’s Pink Venom world tour show in Paris, although fans often love the looks that get mixed reactions the most!

Here are 10+ outfits of her outfits that received mixed reactions from critics!

1. Concert Outfit From Paris Show

Jennie recently went viral for her outfit and twerking during BLACKPINK’s recent show in Paris.

2. “Ice Cream” Music Video

Jennie’s super short skirt and exposed bra caused BLACKPINK’s stylists receive a lot of flack.

3. See-Through Top

Jennie wore this see-through top with a Calvin Klein bra, a cool fashion look that not everyone loved.


4. When she joined the underboob trend.

Jennie had haters upset when she wore this look while in Hawaii!


5. This Gorgeous Blue Outfit

One of her early outfits for her “You&I” performances received a lot of criticism.


6. Her visible underwear look.

When this look began to trend in Korea, Jennie was quick to join!


7. Ribbon Look From Pink Venom Teasers

Netizens were not fans of this elegant look, stating that too much skin was exposed.


8. Sheer Green Outfit

Originally a dress, this sexy sheer outfit was worn by Jennie during BLACKPINK’s 2019 A-NATION concert in Japan.

9. Denim “Pink Venom” Outfit

This sexy look for the “Pink Venom” music video included a pair of extremely tiny shorts.



10. Her confident, visible thong look.

Jennie was one of the first to join the visible thong look and rocked it!


11. Nurse Costume From “Lovesick Girls”

While fans defended Jennie from criticism over this outfit, YG Entertainment ultimately changed the music video to no longer include scenes with the outfit.


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