David Beckham shows off his body “U60 is still running well” even his 3 sons have to be far behind

At the age of 47, David Beckham is still in top form.

Although no longer at the peak of a football star, the name of David Beckham has never cooled down in the hearts of fans. The proof is that every time he is present, it quickly attracts the attention of people around.

Recently, on his official personal page with 72.9 million viewers, the father of 4 made viewers admire when showing off his excellent body in exercises. Accompanied by the status: “Have to create the exercise yourself, but can’t wait”. Right below the post, his wife Victoria Beckham also witty: “Do I need to start with this exercise?”.

He worked hard to get a “good running” body over time.

As one of the strongest, muscular, leading male gods, David Beckham has repeatedly been voted as one of the most attractive men on the planet. Even the most recent time was 2018, David Beckham ranked 67th in the world’s 100 sexiest men. Enough to see how well Beckham’s visual appeal is maintained.

But in middle age, maintaining stable muscles like David Beckham is not easy. In order to have a strong and supple body, he was very persistent in training. This British player actively performs full-body exercises, training with high intensity. Regular exercises are changed so as not to be boring such as: muscle gain, weight maintenance, abdominal exercises…

This body of David Beckham, even young men must admire, let alone friends of the same age.

In addition to exercise, a scientific diet also helps him maintain his current “standard” physique. The former England international eats four meals a day, breakfast consisting of omelette and cheese, morning snack, lunch and dinner. David Beckham hates fatty foods and foods that can increase cholesterol because they can easily make him gain weight and break his figure such as: white bread, cereals, rice, processed foods, food junk food and fat.

Outstanding body of a father of 4 when taking pictures with his sons.

In addition, Beckham also lists foods to eat such as: chicken, fish, eggs, salad, vegetables, cauliflower, legumes, yogurt, olive oil and nuts.

Exercising and eating properly have helped this former player get the body of his dreams.

He is one of the few top sports stars who still stay in shape, despite the end of a competitive career of more than ten years.

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