10+ Animals With Vaguely Threatening Auras


Animals are a gift to us all. We see animals as beautiful, majestic, and wonderful creatures who live alongside us—or even with us many times. From our pets to animals in the wild and on the streets, we always stop to look in wonder at how adorable and sweet many of them can be. But, taken at the right angle, doing the right activity, and in the right lighting—animals can have some vibes that are threatening and downright scary. And, if you don’t believe me, these photos absolutely prove it.

Watch where you step.

Creepy Cat

Careful where you step when you’re coming into the kitchen. You never know what is hiding under your carpet. This cat got a photo taken with the flash on and those eyes give this impression that this furball is about to pounce on you, claws and all.

Why does he look like he wants to hit me with that?

Kangaroo with tin

This kangaroo not only looks angry, but he looks rather strong, as well. He seems to have totally crushed that tin with his own bare hands and now he wants to hit me over the head with it. Does anyone see it?!?

Beware of the rabid dog—over the subway grate.

Scary dog

This is probably someone’s fluffy little guy but the subway grate air makes him look like a glowing, rabid, alien-looking dog that wants to maul my face off in the middle of the street at night. Scary.

Spidercat, spidercat.

Spiderman cat

Who taught this cat to hang upside down and look at me with such disdain? This cat is clearly related to Spider-Man because that’s the only person I have seen pull this off so flawlessly.

What are they plotting?

Animals in a group

Why does it seem that they are plotting a revenge plan on someone close by? They are having a very important meeting, that is clear, but what the outcome is going to be I’m not sure I want to know.

This chicken wants blood.

scary chicken

This chicken is looking at you like you have something that is supposed to be theirs and they want it back. He is coming and he is coming fast. Beware!

How many cats are in here?!?

Cats at night

There seems to be cats in every nook and cranny of this kitchen. And, to be honest, they all look rather scary in the nighttime. If I had to go get a cup of milk or water, I would be far too spooked to get up in that kitchen.

How did he even get up there?

Horse in a window

The horse peering down on us in town from the high window? That sounds like a murder mystery waiting to happen. How did he get up there? Who brought him? Why is he staring at me like I’m a peasant?

Who gave the bird scissors…

This Twitter user caught their parrot with not just scissors, but also pliers. And, not for nothing, I would not trust a bird with both sharp objects because he is coming for me with them both.

They’ve clearly been possessed.

chickens crop circle

These chickens seem to have lost their way—or they have been taken over by alien lifeforms and they are trying to send a message to their home planet to tell them to come here and hurt us all. I don’t know why but this gives me major horror film vibes.

The parrot from above.

Lighening Bird

This is weirdly perfect timing. The lightning strike on top of the bird’s head is truly a wild photo. It looks like the parrot has caused this lightning to fall upon it and shun us all.

This chicken means business.

If you were to tell me that a chicken was going to take down a whole hawk, I would say you are crazy and mistaken. But, this is a scary image to see that this chicken means business and should not be messed around with.

What’s with the chickens?!

Are the chickens acting up and fighting back? These chickens seem to feel as though they have wild control over us. And, this chicken seems to have locked these little ones in a crate.

The ducks fight back.

Watch what you do when you’re petting little ducklings because momma duck will squeeze in to rob you blind. Someone has to pay for those kids!

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