Adventurous Cat Goes Skiing With His Own Ski Pass

This Alberta cat loves to ski, paddle or 'meow-taineer' with his human |  CBC News

A very adventurous orange cat named Liebchen, who lives in Aspen, Colorado, enjoys traveling with his beloved humans, Erin and Dan to go hiking, canoeing, biking, skiing, along with other outdoor sports. He even has his very own ski pass.

I am an adventure cat based in Aspen, Colorado! I love to ski, hike, bike, camp, paddle, and travel everywhere with my pawrents. … Road trips, hiking trips, staying in hotels, boat riding, snowmobiling, paddling, flying in airplanes- all of it, we’ve been trying it, and so far, I love it all,

Erin and Dan adopted Liebchen at 10 weeks and learned that he had a heart murmur. While they were concerned about his heart, Liebchen had other ideas. He preferred to climb up the screen door to go outside. Once the vet gave the okay, the couple put Liebchen on a leash, and the rest was history.

My parents started leash and harness training me when I was a tiny kitten. Soon after, they found out that I have a heart murmur- but that hasn’t stopped me. I have since gone everywhere with them.


Cat Loves Skiing So Much, He Has His Own Ski Pass | house cat | This cat  has his own ski pass and climbs his parents' screen door when he's stuck  inside

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