These Craρρy Wildlife ρhσtσs Are νery Gσσd At Being Bad

The Facebσσƙ grσuρ, Craρ Wildlife ρhσtσgraρhy cσllects sρectacularly terrible and awful wildlife ρhσtσs. Here is a list cσmρiled frσm sσme σf the best-failed shσts!

Here are σur ‘craρρy wildlife ρhσtσs’ ρreνiσus ρσsts.

1.When Your Landing Is Just A Little Off

2.From A Friend Of A Friends Kitchen Window This Morning In NY

3.He Did Not Appreciate Me Telling Him That We Weren’t Open? And He Couldn’t Come In

4.I Came In Like A Wreckingggg Ball…

5.I Planted Some Hawk Seeds Last Fall? I’m Glad One Came Up!

6.I Think She’s Taunting Me…

7.I Was Thrilled To See An Owl Actually Moved Into The Owl House We Put Up A Few Months Ago. The Evicted Squirrel, Not So Thrilled

8.Me When The Tequila Hits

9.My Father-In-Law Mowed Half The Lawn? And Then Went To Empty Out The Collected Cuttings

10.Thanks For The Add… First Time I Ever Got Flipped The Bird By A Duck

11.Snapped This Pic At Niagara Falls A Few Years Ago

12.Show Off

13.Perfect Exposure, Great Focus? Worthy Of National Geographic? Crap Photo Of A Squirrel

14.One Of My Favorite Photos I’ve Taken

15.Nailed It! Prints Are Available

16.My Son Sent This

17.My Friend Sent Me This Photo And I Cannot Stop Laughing. Geese Just Wake Up Everyday And Chose Violence

18.My Friend Found A Bobcat In Her Backyard Using Her Pool As A Toilet

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