The cat became a “social media phenomenon” thanks to the polite smile on his lips

Ever heard of the “gentle cat”? A polite cat means always showing a polite expression to the other person with a very gentle and friendly smile. If not, then check out the article below to know about the story of the cat who always smiles politely to everyone!

Smiling Pixel Cat
Pixel cat portrait. (Photo: pixelandsophie)

Smiling Pixel Cat
The grumpy, strange face of the cat used to scare many people. (Photo: pixelandsophie)

The story begins when 39-year-old Alyson Kalhagen, from Green Bay, posted a photo of her cat Pixel on social media with the intention of spreading the “beauty and sophistication” of “her Majesty”. But unfortunately, contrary to her wishes, the Cornish Rex cat with wide eyes with protruding fangs received warnings and bad comments from some netizens. Besides those who feel curious because of the special appearance of the two-year-old cat, there are also people who think that Pixel looks quite scary. They suggested that she should lock Pixel in a cage and pray.

Of course, Kalhagen ignored those mixed opinions and still loved his cat. Although she herself sometimes feels that Pixel has quite wild expressions towards others. “If people haven’t seen a cat like that before, they’re probably a little apprehensive because they’re not sure what they’re looking at,” Kalhagen said .

Kalhagen believes that Pixel’s expressions “take everyone by surprise”, from the large eyes, pointed ears and disproportionately small head, … all are unique to the cat.

Smiling Pixel Cat
Lovely pictures of the cat shared by the lotus. (Photo: pixelandsophie)

Smiling Pixel Cat
Cat’s signature smile. (Photo: pixelandsophie)
Smiling Pixel Cat
Do you look like a gamer? (Photo: pixelandsophie)

With love for her pet boss, the owner took some hilarious photos of Pixel as he posed with an “embarrassed smile”. Interestingly, this is the cat’s natural expression every day, not acting. The lotus also said that Pixel is a very sweet boy so it’s funny because his face tends to scare people sometimes. After the new pictures of the cat were shared on social networks, many people expressed interest. 

Smiling Pixel Cat
My face is like that, but I’m so gentle. (Photo: pixelandsophie)

Smiling Pixel Cat
Please believe me. (Photo: pixelandsophie)

Smiling Pixel Cat
I’m usually this cute. (Photo: pixelandsophie)

Unlike most cats, the Pixel has an adorable smile that makes it impossible to resist the anesthetic. Just seeing this smile with innocent eyes, all bad emotions can disappear immediately. There have been a lot of messages saying that looking at the photos of Pixel made them so happy and they had a good time sharing them with their children in the morning. This made Ms. Alyson Kalhagen very happy. Gradually, the cat gained more sympathy from netizens and became a phenomenon that is not always good.

After all, despite its ghostly appearance, Pixel has nearly 160,000 followers on her personal Instagram channel and even won an award. A cute photo that Miss Alyson Kalhagen took of a cat wearing a batman costume, with a distinctive face, has attracted a lot of attention on social media. Thanks to that, the photo won her local Halloween photo contest.

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