The Tragic Story of Chan Chan, Peru’s Lost City (Video)

In the vast expanse of the Peruvian desert, lies the remains of one of the greatest cities of human history: Chan Chan. Built over a thousand years ago, the city was once the thriving capital of the Chimu Empire, home to 60,000 people and covering 14 square miles. Today, the ruins offer glimpses into the Chimu’s complex society, amazing innovations and their artistic mastery , including a giant 170-foot long mural that depicts a dramatic shift in ocean currents.

Could this mural be a premonition of their own destruction? Scientists believe that the Chimu’s sudden collapse was caused by a natural disaster triggered by an El Nino event, which caused devastating rain and flooding. As researchers continue to explore the ruins of Chan Chan and the surrounding mountains, they hope to uncover further clues about the events that led to the demise of this once-great civilization.

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