BLACKPINK’s collaborated merch with Starbucks sells out quickly on the first day of sales

On July 25, Gmarket announced the availability of a limited-edition BLACKPINK collaboration with Starbucks, featuring ten unique items. The collection, characterized by the group’s signature black and pink hues, included cold glasses, water bottles, tumblers, ceramic mugs, tote bags, key chains, and passport wallets.

However, no sooner had the sale commenced, an overwhelming wave of purchase requests flooded the site. The merchandise flew off the virtual shelves in a record-breaking 25 minutes, selling out the complete inventory earmarked for the announced Asian countries in under three hours. Remarkably, this rapid sell-out occurred despite the original sales timeline extending to July 30th, five days post-launch.

Simultaneously, the immense influx of traffic led to a temporary crash of the Starbucks online stores moments after the product launch. Coupled with the swift exhaustion of stock, the response was overwhelming. Commenting on the extraordinary speed of sale, a Gmarket representative noted, “Considering the purchase limit of two items per ID, the pace at which the inventory cleared was incredibly rapid.”





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