BLACKPINK’s Lisa Leaving YG Entertainment Could Incur Crores Of Loss To The Talent Agency, Insiders Say “She’s One Of The Most Popular…”

According to some reports, it seems YG Entertainment might benefit more from BLACKPINK's Lisa than other girls. Read on!

One of the most popular South Korean bands, BLACKPINK is now leading every headline for either their disbandment reports or their World Tour news. The band consists of four talented girls, including Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rose. And as per reports, their contract with their agency YG Entertainment is going to be terminated in August after their Born Pink 2023 tour. Now, their massive fanbase is waiting to know whether they will renew with the agency or will they disband.

Now, reports are going viral that if Lisa decides to stay with YG Entertainment, it will benefit them more than the other members. Netizens and their fans have been reacting to the same. Scroll ahead to read further.

According to some reports stated in the YouTube video shared by KKrushKpop, if Lisa decides to stay with YG Entertainment, it will only benefit the agency. Why? Well, because she is one of the most popular and successful members of BLACKPINK. Her continued association with the company will also help to boost its reputation and attract new fans. YG’s investors will also benefit from Lisa’s renewal as it would increase the value of their shares based on her massive social media following.

Even though Lisa’s contract with YG Entertainment is all set to expire in August, her fans hope she will stay in the company for the long run. Among all the members of BLACKPINK Jisoo, Jennie and Rose – Lisa is the most popular one.

Check out the video clip here:

Massive fandom of BLACKPINK, who call themselves BLINKs, have been commenting on the video. One wrote, “I bet YG is regretting telling Lisa not to get mad that they’ll pay her less than the other members just because she’s a foreigner.”

Another netizen commented, “She is the most popular but has the lowest net worth ?! Lisa has to leave YG immediately she honestly doesn’t need them.”

One of the fans stated, “If YG losses any of these girls. It would be devastating for YG.”

One of the comments was, “Lisa would benefit more if she went on her own path and do the things she wants to do. Yg has profit off Lisa enough. Now that Yg is about to debut Baby Monster Black Pink will end up like 2NE1 remember 2ne1 was the hottest girl group when Black pink debut and yg disbanded 2ne1 . It will happen again. Lisa was never treated like the other members were treated from YG.”

What do you think – will Lisa renew her contract with YG Entertainment, or will leave the band?

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