Blind Kitten Finds Sight Again Thanks to Compassionate People and a Resident Cat

After roaming outdoors blind, a kitten could finally see again with the help of compassionate people and a resident cat.


A tiny stray kitten was brought to PuppyKittyNYCity after being found wandering outside blind.

The tuxedo was underweight, frail, and unable to see due to a severe upper respiratory infection. “She was so sick and wouldn’t make it much longer without intervention,” PuppyKittyNYCity shared.

Realizing that the kitten, Jade, required round-the-clock care to survive, one of the volunteers promptly offered to foster her.

She was found in poor shapePuppyKittyNYCity

“We worked hard that night, giving her immediate treatment. Her body felt cold, so I kept her inside my vest to warm her up,” Jade’s foster mom shared. “I brought her home that night to keep her warm and closely monitored.”

The kitten clung to her human, curling up on her lap or around her neck, seeking solace and warmth.

She spent most of her first night cuddling with her foster momPuppyKittyNYCity

“Jade immediately knew she was safe. She yearned for snuggles and never left our side. Her back legs were very weak due to her malnourishment, but that didn’t stop her from crawling into our laps and chests and snuggling under the warmth of our necks.”

When Jade was given a snuggle toy with a heartbeat, she immediately began kneading on it, purring softly.

With good food, care, and a warm home, she was able to open her eyes a little more each dayPuppyKittyNYCity

“She was found with a severe respiratory infection, which led to lots of inflammation in the eyes. With the help of medications, nourishment, warmth, and love, she was able to slowly open her eyes a little more each day.”

Eventually, one day, Jade could see clearly with her eyes wide open. She started exploring her foster room, romping around energetically, and playing with toys.


She chose a large plush toy to hone her bunny kicks and wrestling prowess. She even carried it to her foster mom, proudly presenting it as her most prized possession. With her newfound strength, she quickly learned to climb.

Before long, Jade conquered every summit she could find in the room and hopped around the cat tree like she owned it.

Her eyes cleared up, and her energy level soaredPuppyKittyNYCity

Jade has extra toes on her paws (polydactyl), giving her exceptional grip strength. She’s claimed every toy within her reach, yet she’s still trying to catch her own tail.

She’s discovered the wonders of the sink, the comfort of a sunny spot by the window, and a friendship with a loving resident cat.

Jade is a polydactyl and has many extra toesPuppyKittyNYCity

The resident tabby took the kitten under his wing and doted on her like a mother would. Jade curled up beside him, wrapped her big paws around him, and fell asleep to his soothing purrs.

With the help of her foster family, Jade has flourished into a happy, healthy, cuddly kitty. When she is not zipping around, creating antics, she’s cuddling with her people, basking in their love.

The resident tabby cat took Jade under his wingPuppyKittyNYCity

“She is very curious and loves being by your side during daily activities. Her favorite hobbies include playing soccer with small balls or toy mice, wrestling with her plush toys or foster siblings, chasing her tail, lying next to you for naps, and giving licks with lots of purrs.”

Jade enjoys watching and supervising her people during chores, always keeping them company.

Jade is so happy to have a feline friend to cuddle withPuppyKittyNYCity

She offers “assistance” by sitting next to a load of clean laundry or tapping on the cursor on the computer screen.

“A simple touch is all it takes to turn her purr motor on and into high gear. Jade is very friendly and loves to greet you at the door when you come home. She is a perfect companion and has so much love to give.”

Jade the laundry assistantPuppyKittyNYCity

The little tuxedo has come a long way since she was found unable to see. She now runs around with bright eyes and unbridled energy, as if she could conquer anything in the world.

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