Brazilian photographer presents the son of Haitians born on the sidewalk of Porto Alegre with a very cute photoshoot

Photographer Nilza Rejane was moved when she heard about little Waldo’s story.

Son of Haitian immigrants Judith and Waky, the baby was born on the sidewalk, on the way to Conceição hospito, in Porto Alegre.

The birth, on December 21, was assisted by police officers Luan and Luana, who were passing by at the time. “ This story came up that touched my heart deeply. I saw the report of his birth on the sidewalk and I was very moved. I thought: It’s him! “, tells the photographer.

Upon learning of Waldo’s birth, she got in touch with the journalist who had done a report on the situation and asked for the phone number of the child’s parents. Nilza wanted to do a newborn photo shoot for the baby. Free of charge, of course.

The rehearsal photos were shared on the photographer’s Facebook on January 3. In the publication, she recalls that Waldo’s family is in need and donations of diapers, clothes and various items for the baby are welcome. The photographer is available to receive donations at her studio in Gravataí, but the items can also be delivered directly to Waldo’s residence, by appointment, as Judith still does not speak Portuguese and needs help communicating.

Each photo is more beautiful than the last. Just spy!

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