BTS’s V And BLACKPINK’s Lisa Reunite In Cannes While Attending Naomi Campbell’s Birthday Party

Both idols looked perfect in their coordinated outfits!

After their first meeting back in 2022, BTS‘s V and BLACKPINK‘s Lisa have reunited as CELINE ambassadors at a recent event hosted by supermodel Naomi Campbell.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram
BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

In June 2022, Park Bo Gum, BTS’s V, and BLACKPINK‘s Lisa came together to shut down all fan wars after attending a CELINE show in Paris.

BTS’s V, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, and Park Bo Gum at a CELINE event in Paris in 2022

The trio reunited in April when they all attended a special CELINE event in Korea.


Well, it seems like Lisa and V have finally reunited again, and it was at supermodel Naomi Campbell’s birthday party.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell | @naomi/Instagram

On May 22 (local time), Naomi Campbell had a special birthday party but rather than just a huge get-together, it was for a special cause. The event itself was an auction-themed birthday party in aid of EMERGE USA and Cancer Research UK.

While photos of Lisa, looking beautiful in a pin-striped suit, had gained attention…

The first glimpse of Lisa’s outfit

There wasn’t much information on the party and who attended. Yet, while it was a collaboration with BOSS, both BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Lisa attended and shocked netizens with their visuals in a new photo.

In a photo shared, the two idols were posing with Naomi Campbell.

Of course, while all three stars looked beautiful, netizens couldn’t get over Lisa and V’s fit. While Lisa’s iconic pin-striped suit could be seen more clearly, with the idol wearing a see-through shirt…

It was the first glimpse of V’s official schedules and looks in Cannes. The BTS member wore an equally stunning outfit: an elegant black jacket with silver trims and a classy black shirt.

Netizens couldn’t get enough of the reunion between the two stars when the photo was shared online. While Naomi shined in a white halterneck dress, V and Lisa coordinated with their looks and were perfect CELINE ambassadors.



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