Cat Injured at Construction Site Crafts an Ameowzing New Life with the Help of Many Caring Hands

Workers in a Bronx construction site lovingly named an incredibly friendly young orange kitty living as a stray, Bob the Builder. He must have been someone’s pet at some point. But sadly, now he had to fend for himself on the streets. Naturally charming, he had no problem getting a job as the construction crew mascot.

Warning: Before images may be disturbing to some viewers.

Bob the Builder in his toolshed area at the Bronx construction site

Images and media via Instagram/themeowtsiders

Fortunately, the construction workers “hired” the friendly kitty on the spot, feeding and looking out for him. He became a favorite member of the crew, staying in the toolshed area. However, a dangerous construction site was no place for a cat. Sure enough, he appeared one day with a punctured left eye. He needed help, and the workers texted Dana from The Meowtsiders.

She knew there wasn’t much time to save Bob the Builder as the crew was only there temporarily.

“The clock was ticking because the construction group on-site would only be there until their leg of the project was finished, then another team would be coming in and there’s no telling what Bob the Builder’s future would hold with the new people,” she explained.

Bob the Builder rescued from a toolshed at a Bronx Construction site, Beth Stern, The Meowtsiders

When Dana arrived at the site, the construction workers brought Bob out in her carrier. Immediately, he proved to be a total sweetheart and earned a new position as Official Cuddle Bug.

Video by The Meowtsiders/Instagram

Bob the Builder Goes to a Fabulous Foster Home

Already coping with the tragic loss of a cat she was trying to rescue, Dana felt blessed when rescuer Beth Stern agreed to help Bob the Builder. Thanks to her, he got the eye surgery he required and continued being charming as usual.

Bob the Builder enjoys exploring his foster home with Beth Stern, construction

Images via Instagram/bethostern

Stern was smitten with the “handsome boy” and loved his “spectacular tail.”

Bob the Builder the cat with his fabulous tail, Beth Stern

Bob the Builder made some unexpected friends in foster care, developing a crush on a foster rabbit, Sunnybunny. He had so much fun, but the weeks flew by, and he was on his way to a new home.

“Hey, Sunnybunny, it was great hanging out with you for the last few weeks. Today is my forever family day. I wish you a forever family soon, too. Love, Bob the Builder 👷🌹,” shared Stern.

Bob the Builder meets a rabbit named Sunnybunny in foster care with Beth Stern

Bob the Builder meets a rabbit named Sunnybunny in foster care.

Bob the Builder Builds an Ameowzing New Life

Considering everyone who came together to help him, Bob the Builder is an incredibly lucky cat, and his luck continues. Back when she met him, Dana wished he would “find a family as amazing as he is,” and that’s what happened.

When his new family arrived, they were instantly smitten with him like Stern had been,  laughing at all his adorable antics.

“Bob met his new family yesterday and they are smitten!! Of course, they are!” shared Stern.

Family adopts Bob the Builder, the cat rescued from a Bronx construction site

As cats often do, he received a new furever name, Bruno, AND a sister named Bella. Wonderfully, Stern sent his favorite scratcher bed with him to help him adjust to home. It took so many caring hands to help him build a bright future.

Bob the Builder sleeps on the scratcher bed sent with him by Beth Stern

Image via Instagram/tygers_bellaandbrun

“We always say to him we wish he could tell us his story and while it breaks our hearts we are so lucky 🍀 to be the family that gets to show him unconditional love forever. He has a family and a kitty sibling that loves him so very much,” the family shared.

Bob the Builder celebrates his birthday as Bruno in his furever home

Recently, Bruno celebrated his birthday, with lots of toys and treats. Everyone is so happy for this charming boy.

Bob the Builder plays with toys he got for his birthday

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