Fever with sunburned baby, face mask printed

On social networking forums, there are many funny pictures of babies with facial skin divided into two clear parts, the part imprinted with a whiter mask than the rest.

A mother posted a picture of her child on social media with the comment: “Very angry at mom, said that the hot sun doesn’t like going to the beach but just caught it. Are you satisfied now?”

Contacting her mother, she learned that the baby’s name is Hyun Min, 1 year old and living in Korea.

This Malaysian girl received thousands of interactions thanks to a series of photos wearing a super cute sunburn mask.

Adorable baby hiccup. (Photo: Nguyen Maily)

This boy even comes with protective gear!. (Photo: Huynh Ai Van)

The baby still doesn’t understand what’s going on. (Photo: Nhat Ha)

While sleeping, my parents took pictures of me getting sunburned. (Photo: Lam Anh Thu)

This image makes many people think that the father and son are going to the beach, so they are really sunburned

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