Funny Moment Mischievous Lion Cubs “Monkey Around” With Their Grumpy Father Despite His Thunderous Roar

Even though kids are adorable and generally make us feel at ease, we sometimes find it extremely uncomfortable when they are hyperactive. Do you know that animals have the same emotions as people? Animal parents do find their offspring annoying occasionally, but they are unable to stop them. Following this is how a father lion behaved in response to his sons’ mischievous pranks.
The following photos were photographed by Ingo Gerlach, a 66-year-old German photographer. He by chance captured this hilarious moment when he went on a trip to the Mara National Reserve, in Kenya.
One day, when the bad-tempered father was chilling under the sunlight, his little kids suddenly appeared and tried to ruin his relaxing moment.

Sharing about the scene, Ingo said that: “There were three females and about eight children. They were maybe six weeks old.”
These little cubs seemed interested in their dad’s tail and started to play with this joyful toy.
“At one point the cheeky lion cubs discovered the bushy tail of their dad. They played with it for a short time before the dad threatened his offspring with licked teeth.” shared the photographer.

These young lions were obviously attempting to challenge their irritable father’s tolerance. And, in order to warn the little evils, the majestic predator let loose with a thunderous roar.

However, the youngsters didn’t show any intention of stopping their play. They kept coming back and forth to frolic with the new toy.
“The offspring was stubborn though and they continued to annoy their dad until he threatened the little ones.” said Ingo.

The poor dad eventually had to quit and began seeking for alternative locations to chill out.

As we can see, the lion’s helpless reaction reveals that parents simply can’t help but love their children despite the hardships that kids present for their parents.
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