“Guess Who We Found on Tour: Band Thrilled by Spicy Kittens at the Venue!”

An Ohio band enjoying the tour life, Tropidelic, arrived at a venue and was surprised by what they found. While walking through the parking area, they saw a dilapidated antique car surrounded by orange cones. Looking inside, they saw a family of tiny kittens.

Tropidelic Band finds kittens at a tour venue, Bobby "Chronic" Markouc, James Begin, Cats, Nash Metropolitan

Images and media via Facebook/Tropidelic

Lead guitarist Bobby “Chronic” Markouc and James Begin, vocalist and trombone player, spotted the cute kittens.

Cute kittens hiding in an old car at a band venue

Bobby tried to reach for an adorable fluffy white kitten with sparkling blue eyes. But he got a surprise! 

Bobby "Chronic" Markouc, Tropidelic, kitten in a car at a band venue

Although the kitten sure looked innocent, this one was spicy!

Bobby "Chronic" Markouc reaches for the spicy kitten, Tropidelic

Then, James brought the kittens a packet of tuna and tried to convince the spicy kittens they would like it.

“You’re going to love tuna. Trust me, it’s in the movies!”

Tropidelic Band finds kittens at a tour venue, Bobby "Chronic" Markouc, James Begin, Cats, Nash Metropolitan

Would they like the tuna, though?

Video via Facebook/Tropidelic

What Happened to the ‘Tour Kittens?’

After the viral post on TikTok, everyone wanted more tour kitten content and to know what happened to them. It opened up a whole can of…tuna about what to do for cats discovered like this. 

Meanwhile, others were interested in identifying the car, possibly a rare Nash Metropolitan. 

Kitten likes tuna, Tropidelic band, tour kittens

The Mama Cat was Still Around

On Instagram, the band shared what happened:

“They were owned by the venue we were at, [a] nice stand-alone suburban property and their mom was there!” 

When rescuing kittens, it’s always important to try and keep their mama with them, at least until they’re fully weaned. So, the guys get points for knowing they needed to stay together. And, the venue owners were aware of the kittens. Hopefully, the whole family received veterinary care, spaying and neutering, etc. 

Others noted that packaged tuna isn’t the best for kittens, and definitely not if it’s packaged with salt or oil. As with milk, there’s a stereotype that these things are great for kittens, but they’re not. Nonetheless, we commend the band for being so nice to help the kittens. It must have been tricky to find anything to give them at a music venue, after all!

Touring with Cats or Kittens?

Many people said finding kittens was the “cat distribution system” and wanted the band to take the kittens with them. However, it would be an extreme challenge to tour the country with semi-feral kittens or even friendly kittens.

But meeting the fluffballs at the venue was a welcome surprise. Right before heading out on tour, James shared he was going to miss his “nephew” cat, Tobycats. 

“Gonna miss my nephew Tobycats while I’m gone,” he shared.

James Begin with Tobycats, Tropidelic

James Begin with Tobycats. Image via Instagram/james_begin_

In 2022, the band also shared when they met a friendly “stage cat” named Randy. He appears to have an ear tip that might mean he’s been TNR’d (trap, neuter, return) at some point. A friendly boy like this one could easily become an indoor pampered house cat. But it look like he’s loving his life on stage.

Randy the tour cat, Tropidelic band, Cleveland, Ohio

“Randy the stage cat helping us load in 🐱🎵”

Video via Facebook/Tropidelic

For more, you can follow Tropidelic on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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