How BLACKPINK’s Jennie Inspired The Current 1st Place Idol On “Queendom Puzzle”

Jennie’s a big influence on her!

Queendom Puzzle is the latest Mnet survival program to feature female K-Pop idols from various backgrounds as they battle for spots in the project girl group EL7Z U+P.

Only seven out of the 26 contestants will make it to the final lineup. This week, the current Top 7 were announced by MC Taeyeon. It was revealed that Nana from Woo!ah! took first place with 530,960 votes—almost 130,000 votes more than second placer Yeoreum from Cosmic Girls (WJSN).

Nana recently sat down for a solo interview with Weverse Magazine where she talked about her time so far on the show as well as her experiences as a K-Pop idol.

She revealed that one of her biggest inspirations is none other than BLACKPINK‘s Jennie. The senior singer made her debut in 2016 while Nana did so in 2020.

Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

The latter was greatly inspired by Jennie’s solo debut song “SOLO” (2018). She learned two things from this that she considers highly useful in her career as a singer.

Naturally I really like Jennie’s song ‘SOLO.’ I feel like I learned a lot from her fashion choices and her overall vibe in that video.

— Nana

Jennie, after all, is considered one of the top fashion representatives in the K-Pop industry at present, being the brand ambassador of CHANELCalvin KleinGENTLEMONSTER, and more. She is also known for being an all-rounder who can sing, rap, and dance proficiently.


In a similar note, Nana added that Jennie’s skills as an idol are “exactly” what she wishes to emulate in the future.

The way she dances and the sound of her vocals are exactly the kind of artist I dream of becoming, so it’s been a big influence on me.

— Nana

Nana is already making her way to the top through Queendom Puzzle, yet she still believes she has a lot to learn from her seniors.

I don’t want to be put in a box so I try to watch a lot of other artists and make it into my own.

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