“I can’t even imagine annie saying any of that honestly”: [Spoilers] The Boys Season 4 Gives Erin Moriarty’s Starlight a Disturbing Backstory

If there is one piece of advice that can be given to someone getting into the world of The Boys, it would be to expect the unexpected. Fans are used to constantly being surprised by the information thrown at them, so they do not sit and ponder when their entire reality is shifted.

The fourth season is not different in this, adding surprising plots like Hughie meeting his mother after years, Frenchie being involved with someone whom he orphaned, and the Deep having two new love interests, one of which is a squid.

Starlight and Homelander in The Boys I Prime Video
Starlight and Homelander in The Boys I Prime Video

However, every now and then, the series does a reveal that surprises fans in a way that shatters everything they thought they knew about the character. In the third season, they revealed Soldier Boy to be Homelander’s father. In this season, it happens to be Annie’s past.

The Boys Reveals Starlight’s Dark Backstory

In the third episode of season three, Starlight confronts Firecracker, the latest addition to the series. She happens to be an extreme, right-wing, political figure who is the exact opposite of Erin Moriarty’s character. Being the latest addition to The Seven and her platform focused on taking down everything that Annie is trying to accomplish, she is confronted by the former Seven member in her room.

Starlight in The Boys I Prime Video
Starlight in The Boys I Prime Video

When Annie asks Firecracker what horrible thing she could have done to have Firecracker target her so much, the horrible truth of both of their pasts is revealed.

You really don’t remember me, do you? Of course, I mean why would you? We were only on the same pageant circuit together for three f*ckin’ years. ‘Course, I was going by ‘Sparkler’ back in those days. 

Miami-Dade. Down to you and me, the finals. And my mom starts doing my makeup, and I notice that everyone is snickering at me. You remember why? Turns out you told everyone that I had an a**-f*ck g*ngb*ng with the judges, which was the only way trash like me could make it to the final. I was 13 years old. And when I went to you to ask you, ‘Why?’, you remember what you said?

Valorie Curry’s character revealed that when they were both younger and she went by Sparkler and not Firecracker, Starlight used to bully her. Not only did she make fun of her family’s financial situation, but she also spread a rumor that destroyed her image as Sparkler.

Look, I was immature and stupid and my mom taught me to be ruthless.

I said that ‘I don’t talk to fat sl*ts.’

The Boys Season 4 has a lot of new twists and turns, and Firecracker is one of them.
Firecracker in The Boys I Prime Video

What made the entire situation worse was that Annie remembered exactly what she did, the words she spread, and the impact they had. Although she was extremely apologetic, there is no denying that her image in the eyes of the fans completely shifted with this one interaction.

Fans Are In Disbelief

Starlight has a reputation for acting as the moral compass of The Boys. She has a strict ethical code and sticks to it, often choosing to do the right thing over the safe one. With such an image, it is no surprise that fans were in disbelief when they found out how Starlight used to be.

Her dark past as a bully and someone who ruined a young girl’s life is in complete contrast with who she is now. While this was certainly intentional, there is no denying that fans are surprised.

Erin Moriarty reveals her bad stunt skills while filming The Boys
Erin Moriarty in The Boys I Prime Video

Some went on to say that even though Valorie Curry’s performance did not leave any room for doubt, they could not bring themselves to believe her words until Annie actually agreed and apologized. They would have dismissed her past as lies in order to not change the idea they had of the character.

Adding to the narrative, Firecracker also blamed Erin Moriarty’s character for who she has become now. While many fans agree that what she did when she was younger was very wrong, they do not think that it excuses the types of messages Firecracker is spreading now.

Erin Moriarty as Starlight in The Boys
Erin Moriarty as Annie January I Prime Video

Others are simply excited to see how the new character will make her pay for the mistakes of her past. At the same time, some were not surprised at the reveal, having suspected that something of the sort would come up eventually.

The Boys is available for streaming on Prime Video.

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