Kitten Faces Every Challenge and Transforms into an Adorable ‘Owl Cat’ with a Second Chance

A kitten was challenged in every way but blossomed into an adorable “owl cat” with a second chance.

RosalineOne Cat at a Time

Barely four weeks old, a tiny kitten named Rosaline came to an animal rescue, One Cat at a Time (Un chat a la fois), for a chance at a better life.

She was born in a hoarding situation without proper food or care. She was slowly wasting away and desperately needed intervention. Frail and covered in filth, she was the only survivor of her litter, clinging to life with all her might.

Though having no appetite and struggling with stomach issues, the tiny kitten was strong-willed and receptive to help.

She was rescued from a hoarding situationOne Cat at a Time

“She was rescued just in time. We don’t think she would have survived if she’d stayed there any longer,” One Cat at a Time shared.

With medication and supportive care, Rosaline perked up and regained enough strength to drink from a bottle. After two days of TLC, her playful side emerged with newfound energy. “She’s climbing in her playpen, and she’s very active.”

After two days in foster care, she bounced backOne Cat at a Time

Rosaline had been deprived of even the simplest comforts for the first few weeks of her life. “She came from a less than ideal situation and never had a clean blanket, toys, or a clean litter box.”

The community rallied together to spoil Rosaline with an abundance of toys, treats, and soft, snuggly things, making up for lost time.

She explored around her new spaceOne Cat at a Time

She learned to eat from a dish with encouragement and guidance from her carer and took to her new litter box like a pro. Her purr motor switched on when she was petted, filling the room with happy, rumbling purrs.

With a dedicated volunteer catering to her every whim, Rosaline grew by leaps and bounds.

One Cat at a Time

At six months old, her baby blues had transformed into a gorgeous amber. She romped around the house with her unbridled energy, always looking for trouble. Her pupils dilated wide when she locked her eyes on a moving toy.

She makes a cute impression of an owl with her big, round eyes and adorable face.

One Cat at a Time

She adores her people, especially the little humans in the family. She rubs up against them, showering them with her affection. “She’s never far from her humans. She loves cats and even dogs.”

Having been starved early in her life, Rosaline now has a ravenous appetite, relishes every meal, and always eats to her heart’s content.

One Cat at a Time

When she was finally ready for adoption, the rescue hoped for a loving family who would welcome her into their home and hearts. Week after week, they patiently awaited the perfect adoption application.

A family who had previously adopted from the rescue came across Rosaline on social media and felt an immediate connection.

She makes the perfect impression of an owlOne Cat at a Time

They were smitten with her resilient spirit and love for play and food and knew she would make the perfect addition to their family.

At around seven months old, Rosaline happily graduated from foster care and joined her family in her new home.

One Cat at a Time

“Rosaline arrived with us when she was just four weeks old and was the only one of her litter that survived. Our little orphan has blossomed, and the best is yet to come for her. We’ll remember her big round eyes. Our beloved owl cat.”

One Cat at a Time

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