Kitten Injured in Fire Finds the Perfect Mom Who Specializes in Helping Hand Injuries

Two adorable kittens, Joel and Ellie, had a big emergency when firefighters in training found them stuck inside a fire engine! That day, everyone got a surprise lesson in saving kittens after following meows to the truck at the training site. And you know sadly, they’re likely to have to use that training later in life. But happily, they have the experience now. 

Somehow, the three-week-old kittens got inside the truck’s water pump, and Joel, a ginger cutie, was seriously injured. It took a lot of effort to get them both out of there!

Ellie the calico cutie rescued from a fire engine, Florida, 2

Ellie the calico

We won’t show the shocking before pictures, but his left paw and shoulder were partially “degloved,” requiring stitches immediately. Most likely, the kitten’s mama had chosen the fire engine as a giant metal fortress for her litter, a reminder to knock on the hood before starting your car, firetruck, or even an airplane.

Joel the kitten rescued from a a fire engine with sever injuries, degloving

Joel the kitten. Images via Instagram/bocaratona

Saved by the Fire Academy, the kitten’s luck continued as they headed for veterinary treatment and to foster care with our favorite “Cat Cop,” Florida Officer Gretchen Byrne.

Officer Byrne with the rescued kittens found in a fire engine water pump in Florida

Officer Byrne with the rescued kittens found in a fire engine water pump in Florida

Joel Gets Stitched Up and Back to Wild Kitten Action

Thanks to Dr. Robinson, Joel survived his injuries with just needing stitches. Thanks to the skilled veterinarian, he was soon doing fine, as if nothing had happened.

Joel the kitten stitched up following injuries in a fire engine, Florida, 2

Given care, kittens can be incredibly resilient. It wasn’t long before his stitches were out, and he got the green light to be as wild as he wanted.

Joel the kitten stitched up following injuries in a fire engine, Florida

“Joel had some serious injuries, but Dr. Robinson worked her magic, and Joel has made a full recovery!! Yay, Joel! 🙌,” shared Riverside Animal Hospital.

Dr. Robinson, Riverside Animal Hospital stitches up Joel's degloved arm and shoulder, Florida

It would be hard to compete for cuteness with Joel, but as you can see, Ellie is an absurdly cute calico!

Video via Instagram/bocaratona

Joel and Ellie Meet New Friends

While in foster care, the kittens met many new friends, including Pipo, the loving senior resident cat.

Pipo the friendly foster uncle meets Joel, Cat Cap Gretchen Byrne

The kittens also got to visit their new foster “abuelos!” Snuggled by his foster Grandpa like a baby, Joel was feeling just fine and showing off some serious toe-bean action.

“Dramatic toe bean footage”

Likewise, Ellie was the happiest kitten with so many funny antics. Her unusual chocolate fur color didn’t change as she grew and is gorgeous. It’s another reminder you can find the prettiest cats for adoption from rescues and shelters everywhere.

“50 shades of cray.”

Ellie the calico kitten trying her best to look fierce.

Ellie the calico kitten trying her best to look fierce.

For more, follow “Bocaratona” on Instagram.

Could This Ending Be More Purrfect?

These two fire engine rescues grew up in the flash of an eye. Everyone hoped they would remain together furever, and that’s what happened! It was meant to be: their new family immediately felt connected after learning about the kittens’ story. Here’s why:

“Their new mama, who works with human hand injuries, immediately fell in love with Joel after learning of his story. They agreed that these two should be together forever❤️ Congratulations potatoes 🥔,” Byrne shared.

Family adopts Joel and Ellie, rescued from fire truck, hand injuries

Now, Joel and Ellie are Kona and Simba, and they’re having the best life with their loving family!

“Love how he hugs her! They are such buddies,” shared two.swag.cats.

Joel and Ellie become Kona and Simba

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