Kitten Waits Under a Car Until Help Arrives, Revealing a Heart of a Lion and an Unbreakable Spirit

A kitten sat under a car until help arrived. She had the heart of a lion and an unbreakable spirit.

cow kitten hugs


A Good Samaritan found a little “cow” kitten sitting in the same spot under a car amidst a downpour of rain and sleet. They brought her inside to keep her warm and fed and took her to the vet when they noticed she had trouble breathing.

At around eight weeks old, the kitten had survived the streets of NYC alone. By the time she arrived at an animal hospital and rescued by Little Wanderers NYC, she was in rough shape, but her spirit remained unbroken.

“Baby kitten Cowbelle is trying very hard to live, and it’s working,” Little Wanderers NYC shared.

She was found under a car all aloneLittleWanderersNYC

Cowbelle fought her way through a severe upper respiratory infection, which developed into pneumonia, a tremendous challenge for a tiny kitten her age. She received oxygen treatment, medications, and round-the-clock supportive care from the tireless veterinary team.

After a week at the hospital, she was strong enough to be discharged, only to find herself rushed back to the emergency room.

Cowbelle fought through many hurdles early in lifeLittleWanderersNYC

It was touch and go for many days, but Cowbelle continued to hold onto hope, purring through each day, refusing to give up. She took the treatments in stride and swallowed each bite of food even though she had no appetite. She sought solace in her people, gazing at them even at her sickest.

“She spent so much time in the hospital that she has more veterinary friends than any other kitten we know. She’s got the whole team on her side.”

She bounced back with a new zest for lifeLittleWanderersNYC

After a few weeks of care, Cowbelle bounced back with a new zest for life. She courageously beat the fever and pneumonia with the support of her foster family. When she developed a mild seizure disorder, she battled it head-on with medication.

“She is a world-class fighter. She is a sweet, feisty little girl who runs around, plays, and behaves like nothing ever happened.”


Despite countless hurdles early in life, Cowbelle now thrives with a passion for play. She’s curious about the world and always eager to explore. Perhaps her most endearing quality is her natural affinity for people and other cats.

Belly-up on the bed, paws waving in the air, Cowbelle sports a goofy “grin” that could melt the grumpiest heart.


When she wants attention, she’ll charm you with head butts, leg rubs, and purrs that could rival a motorboat.

“This kitten has had more issues in her short life than many of us see in a lifetime. She’s surely on one of her nine lives. She lived. She thrived. She’s strong.”


“She’s got the eye of the tiger, and we all heard her roar louder than any lion.”

Cowbelle is five months old and ready to find a place of her own where she will be adored, cherished, and treated like royalty.


“Her seizure disorder is well maintained with medication (she will be on it for life). She lives life just fine.”

She was a brave little soul who never gave up.


Every day is an adventure for the little cow kitty. “She’s now elevated back to normal little kitten status. She sure is a champion.”


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