Kizzy, the 25-Year-Old Cat, Cries Tears of Joy When Reunited with Dad Thanks to Heroic Rescuers

A 25-year-old cat named Kizzy was lost for two years and survived on the street. Then, against all odds, she had an ameowzing reunion with her loving family. When she recognized her cat dad, she started crying as he held her in his arms (see video below).

At Kizzy’s advanced age and because she is deaf, she was already at a disadvantage, especially since she had lived her whole life as a house cat and wasn’t microchipped. Judging by her deteriorating health, she wouldn’t have made it much longer on her own. She was only 5 1/2 pounds or 2.5 kilograms when pulled from a gutter.

25-year-old rescued cat in Kent, UK, Natasha McPhee, 2

Images and media via Facebook/Animals Lose and Found in Kent

Kind Woman Picked Up Kizzy by the Road

Fortunately, a kind woman named Chloe, driving down a road in Kent, UK, stopped when she saw the cat.

The senior kitty was laying beside the road in a ditch and in such a sad state that Chloe didn’t think she was alive at first. Then, when returning along the same road, she saw the cat was alive but hadn’t moved. Kizzy was emaciated, covered in fleas, had tapeworms and badly matted fur, and her claws had grown so long she couldn’t walk properly. But Chloe didn’t leave her; taking her home and to the local animal hospital (where she was later microchipped).

Then, the Animals Lost and Found in Kent group searched for her family on Facebook. Several people came forward to claim her, but it wasn’t a match.

25-year-old rescued cat in Kent, UK, Natasha McPhee

Meanwhile, they dubbed the cat “Moose” until they later discovered she was Kizzy.

“Do you recognise this cat? This baby was found by two lovely people on their travels in Upchurch. They saw the cat in a lay-by when they were traveling in one direction. When they came back an hour later, the cat hadn’t moved, so they decided to take action and take the cat home. I’m unsure if the cat is male or female as this baby gets very angry if I try and check. He/she is smothered in fleas, very old, lethargic and severely underweight. Could be a missing baby. He/she isn’t microchipped. We have the cat safe with us at ALFIK HQ ❤,” shared the group’s founder, Natasha McPhee.

An Ameowzing Reunion

After spotting her missing cat on Facebook, Alison Long and her husband Dean had an ameowzing reunion with Kizzy and Natasha shared by international news. 

Kizzy cat reunion, Alison Lyng

Screenshot via Facebook

Kizzy would live a pampered life as an indoor, microchipped kitty from now on.

Alison and Dean Lyng

Alison and Dean with Kizzy. Image via Metro, Jam Press/Animals Lost and Found

The couple lived eight miles away in Chatham and were shocked to find Kizzy. The family thought she had found another home in 2021 and were sad to see that she was evidently struggling on her own. However, they were overjoyed to share the news with Dean’s father, age 90, that Kizzy was home again. He loved the cat with all his heart.

Dean Lyng and Kizzy the cat have a joyful reunion at /Animals Lose and Found in Kent, 3

“Just where have you been? I wish we knew,” said Alison, who said the cat has “the heart of a tiger.”

Dean Lyng and Kizzy the cat have a joyful reunion at /Animals Lose and Found in Kent, 2

Screenshots via Facebook

Kizzy Cries for Joy

Soon, Alison and Dean were reunited with Kizzy, who recognized his scent and started crying. While Kizzy was recovering, she wasn’t fond of being touched, but took to Dean immediately.

The couple was so thankful for Natasha, who Alison called ” Kizzy’s angel,” and for the “very caring angel” Chloe.

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