More details of the Pogba case: Witchcraft, Mbappe, and injuries

L’Equipe has reported new statements from Burmane D. and Paul Pogba

The Pogba case
The Pogba case

The Pogba case continues to cause a stir. Mathias Pogba, among other things, months ago accused his brother Paul, whom he even called a “traitor”, of resorting to witchcraft to injure Kylian Mbappe, his teammate in the French national team.

Burmane D., pointed out in his videos the marabout who had been hired by the now Juventus player, also testified before investigators at the end of last year, words to which French newspaper L’Equipe has had access.

Burmane D. explained the terms in which the conversation between him and Paul Pogba about Kylian Mbappe took place.

“The only time I spoke about Mbappe with Paul was after the game against Argentina at the 2018 World Cup, when he ran very fast. I told Paul that he’s great, and Paul told me that he’s so strong that he thanks God for having him with us, he’s helping us a lot. So all those stories are nonsense,” the marabout said in reference to alleged witchcraft. Burmane D. also claimed that everything they talked about revolved around religion.

Pogba’s fallout

Paul, meanwhile, according to L’Equipe, appeared before the judges again less than a month ago, on March 28. His abduction on March 19, 2022, a traumatic experience that has had consequences for the player, is still being investigated.

“I kept it to myself for a long time. This affair had a lot of impact on my body, especially on my injuries. I talked about it with the coach of the French national team,” says the player, who has suffered from various physical problems in recent times.

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