Once Feral, Reggie Now Enjoys the ‘Cross-Eyed, Big-Nosed Life of Luxury’

A lovable orange cat with a big nose and crossed eyes, Reggie, was a favorite of TNR (trap, neuter, return) rescuers at a feral colony in Tucson, Arizona. Reggie’s full name is Parmigiano Reggiano, named for cheese like all the cats at the Big Cheddar Colony.

Over the summer, the rescuers began TNR work for the colony, and Reggie stood out for rescuer Courtney Gustafson. As rescuers help feral colonies, they sometimes meet cats that are friendly with people. Such was the case with Reggie, who always wanted to be near everyone. Courtney, who describes herself as a “cat rescuer, cat trapper, and person with a lot of cats,” hoped that Reggie could be socialized and start life as a pampered indoor pet one day. He seemed ready to jump at the chance.

“When we started TNRing this colony over the summer, I could instantly tell Reggie apart from the 25 other orange cats (and not just because he’s cross-eyed and has an inexplicably large nose). He was SO sweet and SO friendly, even after we trapped him and got him neutered. Every time we returned to trap more cats, he was like, “Hey guys! Do you wanna trap me again? Maybe make me an indoor boy?” shared Poets Square Cats.

Reggie, Parmigiano Reggiano, feral cat, Big Cheddar Colony, Poets Square Cats

Images and media via Instagram/poetssquarecats

Usually, rescuers have to use stealth when setting traps for feral cats, but not with Reggie. 

“After we set traps, we would stand in a circle and wait and chat, and Reggie would plop himself down in the middle like he was the star of the show. When I loaded my car up with trapped cats he would hop up into the trunk, asking if he could come, too,” Courtney explained.

The Cheddar Colony caretaker, Arcelia, calls Reggie ” Kraft Cheese Single,” and he would come to scream at her door, wanting inside. The rescuers knew the tomcat could be a great house cat one day, but in the meantime, they had many other kittens and cats that required immediate, expensive care. To help them all, they worked with Southern Arizona Cat Rescue and Whiskers N Wishes Sanctuary. 

“You’re next, we kept telling Reggie. Someday you’ll be an indoor boy!”

Regige is indoors, feral cat, Arizona, Tucson

Reggie’s Feral Life Is Over

Then one day, Courtney was thrilled to share that Reggie’s turn came, and Arcelia brought Reggie indoors. The rescuers were already caring for so many cats but promised Reggie would get his turn. In his case, they needed to raise $1K because his teeth required dental work.

“I am beside myself to say that Reggie’s day has come 🥲 He’s indoors with his foster/colony caretaker, being held like a baby, getting all the attention he wants, sleeping cross-eyed among blankets. Oh, Reggie! The life you deserve!”

Arcelia with Reggie via Instagram

Arcelia with Reggie via Instagram/yeahhharcelia

Followers Help Reggie in 43 Minutes

Southern Arizona Cat Rescue shared that kind people had come forward to help Reggie. In just 43 minutes, the community raised the money, leaving Courtney speechless.

“He’s definitely enjoying indoor life 100000% 🧡,” they said.

Parmigiano Reggiano, Reggie, sitting on lap, Tucson, Arizona, /Southern Arizona Cat Rescue, Poets Square Cats

After getting the care he needed, Reggie has found his furever home, and his foster mama will miss him. 

“Sweet Reggie got adopted today 💕 I’m going to miss him so much but I’m so happy he has a home now. 🥹,” Arcelia shared.

Reggie living the house cat life in Arizona, Poets Square Cats, 4

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Reggie living the house cat life in Arizona, Poets Square Cats, 3

Reggie’s Cheesy Relatives

It’s pawsome to see how followers of the Poets Square Cats get to know the individual purrsonalities of each cat. More than one has a sizable following, and people love getting to see how they are doing. After being neutered, these charismatic cats won’t be making more kittens that need rescue. Those that remain feral will get into fewer fights and have a healthier life outdoors.

Reggie is related to a well-known cat, the “farty stinky boy” Havarti, another friendly tomcat turned lovable house cat. Havarti has his own TikTok with thousands of fans who loved watching his transition from the streets to a lap cat with human servants and paparazzi. Tomcats with big puffy cheeks and battle scars gradually lose them as they settle into a gentle, domestic life.

Havarti feral cat, former feral

Image via Facebook/Southern Arizona Cat Rescue

Another feral cat, the ancient-looking Sad Boy, appeared on the Dodo with his beloved bodyguard girlfriend, Lola.

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