Only after they had been separated could Siamese twins see each other for the first time.

Ervina and Prefina Bangalo, two sisters, were born with fused necks. When neurosurgeons examined the girls, they noticed an uncommon kind of disease in which several critical brain vessels were damaged.

The hospital administration was critical in getting the neonates to the Vatican Children’s Hospital for expert counsel on the potential of separation. The girls were admitted to the hospital and underwent multiple operations to develop a fresh blood circulation. The most recent operation lasted 18 hours and required a team of 30 medical personnel. And, thankfully, it ended satisfactorily.

Carlo Marras, head of the department of pediatric neurosurgery, who is responsible for the treatment of Ervina and Prefina, noted that his team had been preparing for the separation of the twins for almost two years. According to his forecasts, the girls have every chance for a normal life after rehabilitation.

An MRI exam revealed that neither of the girls’ brains had been harmed. This is the first operation of its sort to be successful. Doctors’ predictions are now quite optimistic. They promise that the girls would be able to live a normal life after undergoing rehabilitation. Ermine, the girl’s mother, has no education, but she sincerely hopes that her daughters will be able to obtain one and, perhaps, become doctors who can save people’s lives.

Ermine Nzotto, the girls’ mother, revealed that she never attended to school. She does, however, hope that her girls would be able to acquire a good education and become doctors. «I hope they become doctors and can save the lives of other children,» she said emphatically. Not to mention the hospital personnel, who took a major risk and effectively separated her daughters.

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