Outgoing Cat Approaches Someone for Food and Help, Ultimately Securing the Home of His Dreams

An outgoing cat came up to a person asking for food and help. He ended up landing a place of his dreams.

Bowie the catCommunityCatClub

A black and white cat with a stunning face and a feather-duster tail approached a resident at their door. “He walked right up to the finder asking for food,” Sara Sharp, founder of Community Cat Club, shared with Love Meow.

The cat was starving and had matted fur in his fluffy coat. He seemed to have roamed the streets for a little while, given his condition. The finder asked around the neighborhood, trying to find his family, but to no avail.

“They reached out to us for help. He was super sweet and outgoing from the moment we got him, always chatty and wanting attention.”

Bowie came up to a resident at their door asking for foodCommunityCatClub

The friendly cat was ecstatic to have people to cater to his whims. He didn’t have a microchip, and despite their best efforts to find where he came from, no one reached out to claim him.

After getting him seen by a vet, cleaned up, and fed, the rescue provided a foster home, a soft landing, for the fluffy boy named Bowie.

He found a spot under the chair to relax after a long dayMichelle

After a long day and all the changes, Bowie found a spot under a chair to decompress. He quickly adjusted to his new environment and really came to his true self.

He was charming, with markings around his neck that resembled a dapper permanent bow tie, hence his name. “He’s a big ol’ boy who is very friendly and needy. He wants a home that will let him sleep in bed, and he hates sleeping alone,” Michelle, the foster mom, shared.


In no time, the foster family discovered what a big personality he was. Bowie shadowed his people around the house, supervising them in the office, curled beside them on the couch, and nestled on their bed at night.

“Bowie is a big, beautiful, majestic man, complete with his dashing bow tie. He goes from formal to fun with the flash of a toy.”


He wasn’t fazed by the resident dogs and felt comfortable around them. He insisted on being treated like a pampered prince and would go around the house, gracing everyone with his presence.

“He seems to have been raised around dogs and is very people-confident.”

He is a fantastic “biscuit” makerMichelle

Bowie was social, chatty, a strong purrer, and a fantastic “biscuit” maker. He was so joyful that his paws immediately started kneading at the touch of a soft blanket.

After about a month in foster care, Bowie was ready to find a loving forever family that would cherish and spoil him endlessly.

Bowie waited to meet potential adopters while he kneaded away on his blanketCommunityCatClub

He went to an adoption center to give him a better chance at meeting potential adopters. While there, he gave it his all, trying to get every visitor to notice him.

Even when he stood up, his paws paddled away, making the most pillowy biscuits known to the world.

Bowie found his forever humanCommunityCatClub

After a few days, all the kneading paid off when a perfect family came around.

Bowie has been adopted by a lovely family with a cat-friendly dog. He now has a large bed that he lounges on every day and night and happily shares it with his humans and canine buddy.

He has a big bed to sleep on and a canine buddy to keep him companyCommunityCatClub

“This is literally what Bowie wanted the whole time he was here (in his foster home),” Michelle shared. “He just wanted to come sleep in bed with everyone.”


After roaming the streets, seeking haven and food, Bowie landed his dream abode where he could stretch and relax with his family by his side and would never spend another day alone.

Happy and lovedCommunityCatClub

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