Poor Cat Can’t Walk, Eat, What’s Wrong With Her!

Ivanka zoo volunteer Oska was drowning in debt for her numerous furry wards. But this did not stop her from saving another cat’s soul, a girl named Ashley, who turned out to be betrayed by her owners.

She was thrown out into the street, where she had to wander for a long time, earning several wounds and illnesses.

When Oska found her, the cat was in a deplorable state: her hair was coming out in tufts, and she was suffering from infections and exhaustion. It was not known exactly what Ashley had to endure during her wanderings, but she had a long treatment ahead of her.

Oska took the sad-looking cat to the hospital, where she was taken care of. At first, Ashley was afraid of people, but then she realized that they did not wish her harm.  She patiently endured even injections and other medical procedures, as if knowing that all this was done only for good.

And just look at what a stunning beauty Ashley turned into in a few weeks! She grew new fur, fully opened her beautiful eyes, fluffed up, and gained weight. It was hard to recognize in her that skinned, sad kitty that they found her.

Ashley turned out to be a very affectionate, sweet, and friendly creature. She got along well with other cats, loved to purr next to people, and screwed up her eyes with pleasure when she was stroked.

Very soon, suitable pens were found for the fluffy girl Ashley. The beauty chose the new house quickly, becoming its full owner! This is how peaceful and relaxed Ashley feels next to his family. Once she was thrown out and put out the door, but now, thanks to the kindness of a volunteer, she has become loved and needed again.

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