Special Needs Tabby Kittens Forge a Bond Like ‘Brothers from Another Mother’

Two “brothers from another mother” with special needs, Timmy and Bruno, met and bond adorably closely in foster care.

First, a little backstory: Kris Kaiser, a photographer from Plymouth, Minnesota, fosters cats with special needs, often with cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), for Kitty Revolution.

The non-progressive neurological condition makes the cats “wobbly” on their feet, but they aren’t in pain. With special accommodations, they can live happy lives.

Along with caring for three cats with CH called the Tippy Tuxies at home, she fosters many others.

We previously shared the stories of Kris’s foster babies Snapple the Tux on Wheels and his foster sibling Whirlwind Natalie. Before long, Snapple and Natalie found amazing forever homes. Snapple found a home in Hawaii, and Kris traveled with him to the islands. Now, Snapple is living in paradise with a kitty named Moana, a “foster fail” from the Hawaiin Humane Society.

We’re thrilled to see such a perfect outcome for Snapple!

Kris Kaiser with Snapple the Tux on Wheels

Kris Kaiser with Snapple the Tux on Wheels via Instagram/campwobblycat

Helping ‘Wobbly’ Cats

Soon after, “Whirlwind Natalie,” who is blind with CH, went to a home with another CH kitty named Binxie. 

After caring for Snapple, Kris knew she wanted to focus on helping wobbly cats, who generally don’t make it in shelters. After Whirlwind Natalie found a home, the foster mom took in another adorable kitten with CH named Timmy High Jinx, a tabby kitten she spotted in a Facebook group.

From the beginning, the “wobbly and extremely cute” two-month-old Timmy loved life, playing with toys in his soft carpeted room that helped cushion his frequent wobbly falls. After two months with Kris, Timmy was thriving and learned how to use a litter box and play with his foster friends.

Kris describes Timmy as “one of the most fun and entertaining cats I have ever met,” and “a total love bug with one of the most powerful purr motors around.”

“Timmy doesn’t let a lack of balance get in a way of a good time,” she said.

Tabby Brothers From Another Mother 

In June, Kris was able to take in another wobbly purring tabby kitten, later named Bruno. Generous donations to Kitty Revolution meant the rescuers could free the kitten from Animal Control, where he would soon meet Timmy for supervised playtime.

Bruno the kitten

Bruno’s glamour shot by KrisKreativ Cat Photographer

Right away, it was like Bruno was Timmy’s mini-me. From then on, the “cuteness never stopped,” as they instantly bonded so close. It seems Bruno “brings out Timmy’s sweet side.” 

At times, wild party boy Timmy is a little rough with the kitten, and Kris sometimes has to break it up. However, there are also many moments of extreme cuteness and tenderness, like the one below.

“I hope you’re not done looking at this because I’m not done looking at this! Timmy and Bruno are brothers from another mother and fast friends in foster care. 😻😻.”

Video via Instagram/campwobblycat

And, here are Timmy and Bruno being the cutest little lovebugs.                                                                                                                                            Timmy and Bruno Forever

Although Timmy doesn’t realize he’s being a little rough sometimes, these two seem like the “perfect match.”

Recently Kris shared the great news that she expects to find these two a home together. First, Bruno has to be of age to be neutered, which is expected in October. Those interested can learn more about applying for adoption on her Instagram page. You can also see much more of Timmy High Jinx, Bruno, and friends.

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